Tuesday, May 21, 2024

PM makes pitch for One Nation, One Election: It hurts ‘developmental work’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made his strongest pitch for One Nation, One Election.

Speaking at the concluding session of the 80th All India Presiding Officers Conference, Modi said that elections happening in the country every few months “hamper the developmental work” and separate voter lists for different elections “are a waste of time and resources.”

This was the strongest pitch yet by Modi on a subject he has spoken often about in the pst.

“There is one more subject which is very important which is of ‘One Nation, One Election’. This isn’t just an issue of deliberation but also the need of the country. Every few months, there are elections happening in some or the other states. It hampers the developmental work and all of you know about it. For this, we must think seriously and office-holders can lead deliberations on this. Only one voter list should be used for Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and other elections,” PM Modi said.  

“We have to chalk out a path for this. Why’re we wasting time and money on these lists? Now, everyone above the age of 18 is eligible to vote. Earlier there were a few changes but now everything is clear. The time for complete digitization is here. The common man must have data for the functioning of every House and every House in the country should also have such data,” he added. 

Last year, PM Modi made a fresh pitch for holding Lok Sabha and assembly polls together, saying the concept of ‘One Nation, One Election’ is imperative to make the country great.

Modi has made a similar appeal on the 73rd Independence Day.

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