Monday, May 27, 2024

PM Modi would place silver brick at Ram Mandir foundation site

It would be a thrilling spell for prime minister Narendra Modi personally when he would place a silver brick at the foundation site of Ram Mandir, possibly the biggest moment of faith in the life of a billion living Hindus.

The brick, as per reports, would weigh 22.6kg and would cost Rs 15.59 lakhs.

The brick would have the name of PM Modi, as well as the date and time to be placed along with the holy words of “Jai Shri Ram” written on the brick. The brick would be placed at the site, at 12:15:15 pm. The brick would have religious significant haldi, kumkun and threads, along with the marking of Holy Swastika, on it.

It is learnt many devotees, including businessmen and local residents, have contributed silver for the making of the massive brick.

This ceremony will bring an end to three-day of rituals performed by sages from Varanasi as per Vedic guidelines. Another silver brick would be placed at the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Accompanying the prime minister, will be former deputy prime minister and one of the founders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), LK Advni.

The prime minister would visit the site of Ram Janmabhoomi on August 5, the day when Bhoomi Poojan would be performed.

The event is organized by the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra who have the mandate to plan and execute the construction of the temple for which Hindus have waited for centuries.

As per reports, social distancing would be maintained due to Coronavirus-induced situation and not more than 200 people would be present at the ceremony.

The trust has appealed to general public to watch the event on TV and light “diyas” in their homes on the day to mark the historic and spiritual event.


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