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Raina gets a verbal slap from his boss: called a swollen head

It has been a difficult start for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) ahead of the new season of the  Indian Premier League (IPL). After 13 members of CSK staff including two players tested positive for Covid-19, returning of Suresh Raina to India came as another huge blow for them. 

Since Suresh Raina has pulled out from IPL and returned to India from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) citing ‘personal reasons’, there are several reports going on and rumors are being cited. 

The exact reason for his departure is still not cleared by the team management.

There are various rumors hinting a rift between him and captain MS. Dhoni have surfaced. 

Reports claimed that Raina wasn’t happy with the accommodation and wanted similar that is given to Dhoni. Raina was also feeling claustrophobic under the quarantine rules and wanted a balcony room just like the captain. 

This coming from Raina is not surprising as this is not the first case. Players who are used to play in big and open areas do tend to feel claustrophobic in a closed environment. 

Recently, Ashok Diwan, India’s 1975 World Cup-winning hockey goalkeeper also complained about the same. He said he returned to Delhi after meeting his son from the United States of America and was asked for 11-day quarantine. The quarantine period was no less than jail for him, he added. 

Dhoni tried to bring Raina’s situation under control and also had a conversation with his close friend, but everything went in vain. 

Former BCCI President and CSK owner, N Srinivasan, remarked that the entire team management including him was surprised with Raina’s decision. However, Dhoni was in complete control, he added further. 

Meanwhile talking to Outlook, N Srinivasan mentioned that Cricketers are, nowadays, behaving like a “temperamental actors”. He said CSK management has always been cordial with team players. 

With a hint of sarcasm in his tone, he took a jibe over Raina.

“My thinking is that if you are reluctant or not happy, go back. I don’t force anyone to do anything … sometimes success gets into your head,” Srinivasan added.

It indeed could only be kingsize ego for a player to let go Rs 11 crores that Raina was to get from IPL 2020.

Srinivasan further mentioned that Dhoni has assured that they need not worry and has also asked the other team players to stay safe as they still don’t know who is the passive carrier of the novel coronavirus.

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