Saudi Arabia

9/11: How bin Laden’s family was flown out of US

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Why 9/11 Commission Report pages are still missing?

Below is an excerpt from writer Ashish Shukla’s book “How United States Shot Humanity: Muslims Ruined; Europe Next,” available worldwide, in which 9/11 events have been examined like few other works have. 

Russia’s endgame in Syria

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Russia’s diplomacy is bearing fruit on Syria at a critical moment of history

Even as US-Turkey have sounded the war bugle on Middle East, Russia has intensified its diplomatic efforts in the region which are beginning to bear fruit.

Iran has been a victim since 1953

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The roll call leaves United States nowhere to hide

Iran an aggressor or a victim? Truth leaves United States nowhere to hide as Noam Chomsky nails the facts down in an article.

Shia-Sunni angle in India and WikiLeaks

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Shia-Sunni violence must end for larger good of Muslim community worldwide. 

The Saudi Cables by WikiLeaks last week showed the length they go to cut Shiite influence to size worldwide. Does India have to fear a Shia-Sunni clash on its streets?

Iran deal could be a smokescreen

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Iran nuke deal : A closer look

Though world has hailed the nuclear deal, tension within the Middle East has brought it an edge. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has termed it the "darkest day in world history."