Tuesday, March 5, 2024

So US can fly in drone and kill a terrorist—and it’s not Human Rights!

(An interesting video we noticed in wake of US flying in its drone and killing Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri. Neither the lady nor the source of the video—we also can’t upload it on twitter—we are able to share but the content of it is truly hard-hitting. Here it is below—NewsBred)

What the United States have done now? 

Fly in a drone and kill a terrorist. 

If we had done so, the Western media would’ve chopped us into little pieces and eaten us alive for breakfast. 

The world would’ve boycotted us. 

Sanctions, Human Rights, UN would be jumping up and down. 

Do you know what happens when India wants terrorists who harm us? 

If we have to stay on this planet we have to follow the rulebook. 

  1. Prove that the terrorist caused us harm; 
  2. Hunt the culprit; Find the country where he now lives a fancy life; 
  3. Lobby for extradition; 

Even if the extradition treaty exists, it’s not easy. 

Run through diplomatic process. 

Endless paper work. 

And then the host country can simply reject the request for extradition! 

In the past EU has rejected extradition request saying it would impact their mental health. 

Like really? They are terrorists. 

Human Rights activists criticize our country, democracy, culture, justice. 

Everything that we stand for 

For the next 15 years, in every UN meeting, we need to explain how the terrorist harmed us; 

And keep building our case. 

If at all you manage to extradite, then run criminal proceedings in our own country. 

Meanwhile one of those Human Rights activists, would have gone to International Court of Justice, filing a mercy petition for the accused. 

Despite all this, the West is still a beacon of human rights, justice and equality. 

The world is not a level-playing field. We totally get that. 

But at least don’t insult the intelligence of 194 other countries on the planet, calling this justice. 

Thwada terrorist terrorist; sadda terrorist, human rights!!!

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