Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Human Rights

Vile campaign to neutralize India in BRICS

India doesn’t deserve the vilification campaign presently rife.  Reports claim India has been a reluctant BRICS traveller; that it blocked Algeria’s entry at France’s request,...

Biden in Kyiv: When he ought to have been somewhere else!

I have been a journalist since a teenager and my default position is to treat everything I read on politics and economics; history and...

So US can fly in drone and kill a terrorist—and it’s not Human Rights!

(An interesting video we noticed in wake of US flying in its drone and killing Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri. Neither the lady nor...

Biden in Riyadh: I mean what farcical world are we living in?

We hear that US president Joe Biden is visiting Saudi Arabia this week.  This is the same Biden who, in the wake of killing of...

Can India survive as one nation? What all we could do?

(Dr Koenraad Elst is a voice we have ignored for long to our own detriment. Here Bhumika Arora transcribes his views on forces which...

Why do we waste our time on Rahul Gandhi? And for how long?

I often think why do we waste our time on Rahul Gandhi.  He is a failed politician, irresponsible leader, whimsical, untruthful, arrogant and often works...

Amnesty, the fraud of our times: It was time they were brought to book

There is no case for Amnesty International. Hypocrites, cheats, lackeys, frauds, war-instruments—and you could think of many more nasty adjectives which would fit this...


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