Friday, June 21, 2024

Biden in Kyiv: When he ought to have been somewhere else!

I have been a journalist since a teenager and my default position is to treat everything I read on politics and economics; history and war as untrue to reality. 

It’s not that things don’t happen. But causes and culprits are nearly always flipped upside down. The narrow gauge of mainstream media shields one party and vilifies the other under an agenda. 

This branding of liberal vs illiberal; good vs evil —a classic Orwellian Doublespeak— has the sole intent of fooling citizens so they are no impediments to robbers who pass off as our rulers. 

So these so-called liberals control the so-called free societies by co-opting so-called free media with three favourite tools of “democracy”, “human rights” and “liberty.” 

All this while, they neither have human rights nor democracy nor free media on their mind. Indeed, they actively work against such noble principles. 


Uff…Bored by the above preamble of some 100 words?

But stay with me and be sceptical of what you see or read as I demonstrate soon. 

It in turn could make you vigilant on your rulers—and come down hard on your mainstream media which essentially are their foot soldiers and work overtime against you, the land of your ancestors and future of your kids. 

Now don’t tell me you give a damn to the future of your kids. If you do, you would pay attention to how you are drugged by the  mainstream media. 


We read today that the US president Joe Biden dropped by in Kyiv and hugged Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the man who had visited the former’s White House only during the Christmas. 

It’s a lead in Hindustan Times, the two leaders are clasping each other on front page of Indian Express and we are told the sirens in the background couldn’t deter these wartime heroes. (Never mind Washington had already told Moscow in advance lest any missile strike blows up the octogenarian.)

While our media is gung-ho about the US president’s moral code, nobody is questioning why he hasn’t yet reached Ohio in his own country, some 370 miles compared to nearly 4,000 miles to Kyiv, where  carcinogenic chemicals have been released over hundreds of miles

The residents are reporting headaches and burning eyes; pets and chickens are falling down; and thousands of fish corpses float in waterways. Indeed, a mushroom cloud of poison is presently spread over eastern Ohio. 

Look at this tweet

Now ask yourself just two questions: 

  • One, why you haven’t read about Ohio disaster in detail all this while; 
  • Two, what you make of a president who ignores own people while dashing off across continents in defence of “human lives”.

Now much as your media is plastered with these images, pick up your newspaper tomorrow and see how Vladimir Putin’s important address to the nation is covered and how the Russian resolution in the United Nations on the sabotage of Nord Stream is displayed. 

Both events are scheduled for today, February 21, and ought to be big stories for any neutral media. 

If nuclear holocaust is the biggest danger humanity has ever faced, don’t you think we deserve to know the viewpoint of the other party?

And if the sabotage of Nord Stream has ensured a split between Europe and Russia for ages; and Europe’s citizenry is now paying through its nose for the energy which is supplied across the Atlantic by the US at exorbitant prices, why the media is sleeping over this historic divergence and human gloom?

All this while, the media couldn’t stop plastering its pages on the “spy balloon” from China which we must believe is foolish enough to  do so in open public gaze!


Do you know that the United States just had one of the biggest anti-war rally in years in Washington this Sunday?

Thousands protested in front of Lincoln Memorial against weapons to Ukraine; raising slogans to disband NATO and join China and Russia in creating a multi-polar world. One was worried that “we have just shifted from Afghanistan to Ukraine” without a tear on how the US killed millions in Iraq or Libya and how instead of manufacturing cars or ships, “we are leading the world in making enemies.”

Elsewhere in Germany, and mostly in Central Europe, protestors are hitting the street almost every week against their hawkish rulers but it’s not being highlighted in media. 

This is the same media which wouldn’t let go a single story that tugs the human heart if the fear of an Islamic State (IS) is to be embedded in readers’ mind. But tell me if you have read a word on what’s happening to millions of Ukrainians who have fled across the homeland borders. For highlighting the Ukrainian misery would add fuel to anti-War protests and force the rulers to seek truce when all they want is war, possibly nuclear war. 


Something extremely alarming happened in Germany a few weeks ago. 

Germany’s security services conducted the largest police raid in history; spanning 130 locations and involving over 3,000 officers last December.

Over two dozen individuals of a far-right group were arrested for plotting to overthrow the German government!

They were accused of plotting to storm the parliament, arrest lawmakers and declare the restoration of the country’s monarchy by force. 

Now this was Adolf Hitler revisited: On February 27, 1933, the German parliament—Reichstag—was burned down. The Nazis, citing threat of Communists, used the moment to abolish a number of constitutional protections and paved the way for Nazi dictatorship. 

As for this recent event, the media, after early stirring on the matter, has completely buried this sensational news from our view. 

The coming of second Hitler, I am sure you would agree, is a Front Page story for days in running. But the media won’t run it for it has come to light that among the individuals arrested, some were State’s own officers working at the behest of German government. And that their job was to provoke events which would stoke fear among citizens and thus ensure their compliance and support. But since the covers of establishment were being blown up, the media has smoked the news. 


This event was eerily similar to what happened in Capitol Hill ahead of 2021 US presidential elections. We were incessantly told the supporters of then US president Donald Trump had instigated the attack on US’ much cherished democracy which led to the move on his impeachment—second in his four-year-tenure by the way—and which possibly derailed his re-election. 

Subsequently, it has come to light that various agencies of the “deep state” had infiltrated the ranks of those demonstrators and media was at hand to blow it out of proportion. That noise has still not died from the media after two years. (Compare this to the silence on the recent coup-attempt on Germany).

But since Trump was an outlier; and Biden is part of the Liberal Gang, one is besmirched as womanizer and buffoon and the other, despite Afghanistan and Ukraine, and the promise of war against China soon, not to say sexual misconduct charges against him and excesses by his son, is constantly being whitewashed by the media. 


The truth is, in the world we live in, our rulers secure our compliance and support by raising the bogey of evil and drugging us by chortling “democracy” and “human rights” in our ears. 

The mainstream media is one of their conduits and history tells us that they have done a mighty good job in their subversive roles. 

Only, we the citizens, could buck this trend. And we could do it by either seen on streets or amplifying our voice against those who hold us in thrall. 

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