Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Joe Biden

Ukraine has lost – what is Russia’s next move?

You won’t have heard of Jacques Baud’s new book: The Russian Art of War: How the West led Ukraine to defeat. As you might...

All things point to US attacking Iran in 2024

All things point to the United States attacking Iran in 2024.  Our newspapers, and of course the United States/Israel, are drumming up whatever bad is...

2023: The emergence of India as a SuperPower!

The outgoing 2023 will be remembered in India as the year of many "proud firsts” – from emerging as the most populated country in the world...

Putin’s high words for Modi mirror the great man

As the long shadow on the year lengthens, and his third straight term as India’s prime minister beckons, prime minister Narendra Modi has reasons...

US, Japan, South Korea military alliance could trigger World War III

North Korea, US, Japan, South Korea, Im Chon-il, Joe Biden, Yoon Suk-yeol, Fumio Kishida,

Ukraine aid drying up: White House

The White House is running out of funds to finance arms deliveries to Ukraine, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has said, urging Congress to approve...

White House proposes to cut subsidy to Ukraine

The $105 billion funding request US President Joe Biden sent to Congress would see the monthly subsidy to the Ukrainian government slashed to $825...

Pro-Palestinians protestors invade US Capitol

Scores of pro-Palestinian protesters staged a sit-in protest in the US Capitol on Wednesday, demanding that the US back a ceasefire between Israel and...

Israel backs down: Allows aid to Palestinians in Gaza

The Israeli government has said it will not prevent aid shipments to Gaza through Egypt as long as no supplies are sent to Hamas. The...

Has Israel walked into a Hamas trap? 

It’s ten days since Hamas attacked but Israel hasn’t begun the promised ground invasion of Gaza Strip.  Is it a Hamas trap waiting for Israel...


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