Thursday, May 30, 2024

Sperm donor who is refusing to slow down even in pandemic lockdowns

A prolific sperm donor who goes by the pseudonym Joe Donor has been busy making babies and the pandemic lockdown hasn’t slowed him down.

The 49-year-old American is popular for having fathered 150 kids and since coronavirus restrictions were implemented, he has fathered six more babies.

He says even though he was stuck in Argentina for weeks after donating his sperm, he’s on track to impregnate 10 women this year. He has now flown to London to meet another five women.

Interestingly, he offers both options- sexual intercourse and artificial insemination and claims that the natural way has a higher success rate.

 “I have babies all over the world and although people always worry over incestual issues that have never happened,” He added further.

Joe has started donating sperms in 2008 and says he has no plans to stop any time soon. He aims to donate sperm until his 90’s.

“I always feel great when I know there has been a birth.”I have always said I wouldn’t father more than 2500 but that would technically be impossible unless I lives until the age of 250…I’m hoping that as lockdown eases in some parts of the world again that it’ll be easier to travel more frequently.”

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