Saturday, June 22, 2024

The latest joke you missed: EU has called Russia state sponsor of terrorism

Indeed, think about the terrorism that has originated in your lifetime and the names uppermost in your mind: Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, ISIS?

Well, Osama bin Laden was cultivated by the United States much before he hit headlines at the turn of the century, funded and armed to teeth, not just in Afghanistan against the Soviets but also previously in hapless Yugoslavia, eyed by the predators West. 

Al Qaeda? Well its founder Ayman Zawahiri would’ve been nowhere without the support of CIA, NATO and the Turkish branch of terrorist network Gladio. 

It’s no secret to political elites but to we the innocents fooled by our media that Al Qaeda came into being in 1988 by the US special services to spread the brand of Islamist terrorism after they have had their fill with the Fascism/Nazism card in Europe or Communism anywhere else.  

ISIS? Do find out about the al-Tanf American military base in Syria—yes, against the wishes of sovereign Damascus—where ISIS mercenaries are taught the use of missiles, drones, sabotage etc and parcelled to wherever they are needed by the West. Presently hundreds of them are in Ukraine to fight the proxy war against Russia. 

While you wonder why terrorists are finding refuge under the Big Brother—obviously to be used at any given time and venue—do brush up on Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay where horrific torture is inflicted on countless individuals without legal recourse or “human rights” by very those who swagger as its ultimate champions. 

So when the European Union (EU) dub Russia as state sponsor of terrorism, implying doing acts so as to spread terror in the hearts of woeful Ukrainians, don’t miss the irony for these very people bombed tens of German cities, killed and raped thousands, in World War II without as much as a courtesy call at Nuremberg or anywhere else since. 

Anyone for the Vietnam War where US tested is Napalms, cluster bombs, rockets designed to enter caves, “dummy” bullets etc, reducing local peasants as no better than guinea pig? It drove the population into urban slums, and the mass murder soon extended to defenceless peasant societies in Laos and Cambodia. 

In the process, most established norms and international obligations such as the UN Charter, the Geneva Accords (1954), the Nuremberg Code and the Hague Convention etc were cast in junk. 

It also is nothing but state terrorism when you install oppressive and terrorist regimes across the world—the Banana Republics—which abounded in Caribbean and Central America (your Trujillo in the Dominican Republic or Somozas in Nicaragua) and the names such as Diem and Thieu (South Vietnam), Mobutu (Zaire), Pinochet (Chile) and Suharto (Indonesia) which readily come to mind. 

Heavily armed by the West, these autocrats and dictators unleashed terror which if only it was to reach us—without the cover-up by the media—would shake us to the bones: Like a million killed in Indonesia in just a year, 1965-66, which is now proven without doubt, had the acquiescence of the US

Many more million lives lost could be added if one was  to run through whatever happened in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua etc at a given time in their history through overt or covert US operations. 

The events in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc are too recent to escape memory. These lands have suffered enormous human tragedy, infrastructure damage and environmental degradation. 

Even in Ukraine, while Donbass or eastern part of the country was subjected to incessant bombing and killing, and Minsk Agreements amounted to little, there was no outrage in the European Union on state-sponsored terrorism for years. When neo-Nazis, in the form of Azov Battalion,  were causing havoc, a blind eye was turned at their monstrous acts. 

Closer home, in Kashmir, for decades now we have Pak terrorists soaking the pristine land with locals’ and Indian soldiers blood but you won’t hear a word against them in US Congress, EU parliament etc. But all hell breaks loose when a “temporary” provision of Article 370 is diluted. 

The West does what it does is to ensure its economic interests through own intervention or from those who are installed for the very purpose. Everything is a fair play in this exercise: creating terrorists, militias and use of money to bring recalcitrant voices to heel. The servitude of media, and the obedience of bureaucracy, judiciary, academia is secured, whatever it takes. 

So in terming Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism—of no value but for propaganda—the EU has dutifully followed its master the United States which has deemed Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria as state sponsors of terrorism. 

As for its sanctity, just remember that Nelson Mandela himself was a terrorist in their books for several years!

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