Wednesday, July 24, 2024

What if Russia now does to France what it did to them? 

History is a cruel bixch. 

It wasn’t long ago when France was actively involved in “maidan coup” in Ukraine, handing out from biscuits to bombs to rioters, and brokering a peace deal only to buy time for the UkroNazis to arm themselves to teeth. 

If Russia was to do the same now to France—feeding the rioters with one hand while appearing a peace-maker with the other—how unfair would it seem? 

All along, France has been treating Russia as an enemy when it was one within their own fold they prefer not to call immigrants. 

The French first looted, killed, raped, pillaged and brutalised the peaceful North Africa—Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia etc—and then put their own pick in power after granting them independence in the second half of the 20th century. 

Then cropped up the matter of rising from the debris of the Second World War: France needed men to go with resources. So young limbs were shipped across to plough in the reconstruction era, pittance offered for a life away from heat and degeneracy. 

They thought they were smart in bringing over men who could speak French for assimilation (they still call them overseas Frenchman); the high ideals of “liberty, equality and fraternity” were held dear to offer them the best social security net in the world. 

Yet all along this bunch carried their culture and painful history with them, building enclaves upon enclaves around Paris and Marseilles, staying close, distrusting their hosts.

The French elites, in their perfumed existence, drugged by high ideals yet blinded to reality, looked the other way. If anything, they offered them the knee, to borrow a parlance from the BlackLivesMatter. Riots became a matter of celebration and not concern. Those emboldened targeted the State and the natives who happened to be primarily Whites. The massive 2005 riots which lasted for weeks didn’t break the French elites’ slumber. 

The truth is, a nation is easier to construct around culture, religion and heritage. The mere common language is as false a premise for a rooted society as is the notion that some vague ideologies alone could work. 

In an ironical way, the French state only strengthened this “otherness” in their fold. The idea was not only to keep Marine le Pen and other ultra-rights in check but also have a captive vote bank in elections. (Shades of India, huh…)

All the“woke” ideologies, for example the so-called feminist warriors who celebrated the lawful abortion, and either vowed not to have babies or if at all a “brown baby”, were blinded to the ballooning fold of immigrants who produce babies in profusion. (Pick out your India in this…)

France also offered the immigrant children the right to education. But who teaches them French in poor areas, in schools which are underfunded and in bad shape? Where are the resources to psychologically tackle the anger and betrayal fomenting in young?

So big is the size of immigrants that one-third of France today is made up of them. Every one person in 10 today is from an immigrant family in France. 

You brought them over for your own selfish ends, bound by the greed of Capitalism which seeks to maximize profit on low wages,  shunning, say a Portuguese or an Italian immigrant with shared cultural values but higher wages. 

You thought ideologies and abstract concepts would tide over identities and customs; people and prejudices. 

You wanted the immigrants to keep their individuality in the name of “multi-culturalism” as long as they show deference to some vague liberal and human rights ideology. 

This is not how it works: You can’t have your cake and eat it too. 

This is the fate waiting to happen to all of Western Europe, and not just France: Immigrants as a block keeping the society on boil. The native Whites then gather under the wings of the ultra-rights; street battles ensue while an Emmanuel “Oedipus” Macron prefers dancing with Elton John than douse a burning Paris.  

This is indeed a prototype of real “civil war” while you thought the Wagner-Prigozhin “coup” was the real deal. 

Moscow indeed is humming a song today while Notre Dame is burning; France is falling. 

Servile Mainstream Media of course would rush to take our gaze away from these riots and won’t point out what is obvious to everyone: Western societies are in torment for the greed of Capitalism has infected its body. At times it would be economic woes, at other times ethnic groups pulling in different directions. Some woke ideology won’t hide the blood on the streets. 

If this was happening in India, the pen-hacks would lash out at the “fascist” State where minority is in trouble, democracy is dead. They won’t let the matter die down, nor would their big brothers in NYT or Washington Post, unlike your newspaper suddenly taking France out between its covers.  

(Post script: In the Indian context, it acutely revives the need for (a) a census which hasn’t happened since 2011 to know the nation’s demography; (b) Citizenship is sacred yet millions today vote on fake identities (c) Tame the forces which root for the likes of Rohingyas in the name of human rights but would deny migrated Indians the cover of a Citizenship Amendment Act.)

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