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Who stands to gain by ChinaPhobia agenda in India?

It seems every time India has a major issue, fingers point towards China Conspiracy. 

So we Indians are fed that the BBC documentary against Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is because the British state broadcaster is being funded by China’s money. 

That the Adani Group has more than just alleged malpractices to blame for its ills; that it has a mysterious Chinese connection which the instigator Hindenburg Research has highlighted and Indian media has picked up with glee. 

When the anti-CAA protests filled India’s streets with anarchists, and drawing rooms with hatred between India’s two major communities, it was apparently a handiwork of Pakistan and China, we were reminded by even scholarly journals. 

The farmers’ protests which laid siege to Delhi apparently received its funding from Pakistan’s ISI and the Khalistanis have a hotline open to Chinese establishment, we are told by some sudden leaks in media

It would seem China has no other business but to derail Modi’s India with which it has joined hands to reshape the New World Order, usher in a multipolar world, and replace Dollar with trade in currency swaps around two, arguably the most glamorous bodies holding the world’s attention: BRICS and SCO. 

That somehow it would serve China to hurt its own profits against India with which it has a 100-billion dollar advantage in trade

That China would pursue this senseless course of its alleged hatred against India, never mind if it would push New Delhi further into the suffocating clasp of Washington which is keeping an evil eye on China through QUAD.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

You would notice that Indian media never has a story which looks the matter from China’s viewpoint. 

This India media would be swooning when Pakistan’s prime minister makes hollow gestures, completely whitewashing the troubles it has sowed in Kashmir or Punjab for decades. 

This Indian media would be jumping up and down, quoting BBC on the alleged persecution of Muslims in India. 

But when it comes to rubbishing the alleged Chinese funding of BBC, it would hide that the same BBC has carried an anti-China agenda for years. 

It can’t be that China is hand-in-gloves with a media just to run down India, never mind the same media outlet carries an anti-China agenda on its sleeves!

It also can’t be that the Chinese could allegedly buy off BBC but it runs a wall against the “ethical” Indian media (lol).

That this Indian media is so neutral it would never look at George Soros and his types who push the liberalist, globalist agenda. 

The BJP Question

By now there should be little doubt that the Modi government when forced to choose between the West and Russia, trusts Moscow over Washington. 

The same Russia which has a friendship of no-limits with China. 

Why be with a player who is supposedly beholden to your enemy? 

What are we missing here?

There is little denying Modi government took a hostile view on China after the Galwan Valley incident. 

Hundreds of Chinese Apps were banned, trade was affected, someone like Vivo backed out from an IPL deal etc, etc. 

There were countless mentions by India’s highest military echelons against China in media. 

It served the BJP to hyphen Pakistan with China, the two with whom we have issues of land and boundaries, culminating in wars. 

It hasn’t helped that China bails out Pakistan on matters of FATF (Financial Action Task Force), defends its terrorists on global platforms, and has strong presence in our neighbourhood such as in Burma, Nepal or Sri Lanka. 

Now since nationalism is one of BJP’s main plank it only helps if Indians are constantly reminded of those who are threats to India’s integrity.

It’s also a good obfuscation to lull West into believing that India sees China as its major threat, bringing in loads of funds, technological and trade benefits. 

If the relations between the two were really this frosty, there won’t be such a massive YoY increase in trade between the two nations, largely lopsided in China’s favour. 

The truth is, if India was China, it would have been no less partial to Pakistan. 

It would have been similarly grateful to Pakistan for affording it a land passage to Arabian Sea, and open up the world for its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). 

It would have used Pakistan as a counterweight against a nation from which it had been carved out, playing on centuries old Hindu-Muslim card,  in a bid to keep India embroiled in local-regional conflicts and scuttle any global ambitions it harbours. 

It’s been one of geopolitical realism of history to have inferior, and not a superior, neighbourhood to keep the borders safe. 

It would help readers to view India and China’s position from this prism: India, which harbours global ambitions; and China which would rather keep it in check. 

It still is my belief that China and India have a bigger role in shaping the world of tomorrow, freeing humanity out of West’s clasp. 

It’s differences are not big enough, ought not to be big enough, to overlook an ace which destiny has placed in their hands in changing the world order after 500 years of West’s dominance. 

Both have suffered hugely from the hands of imperialists in their history, both share a long civilizational bond, both have a little matter of well-being of nearly three billion people—around 40% of world’s population— to worry about residing within their borders. 

They are still trading massively, they still are in lockstep in avoiding the war games of the West, they still are forging together a digital currency which could be an alternative to dollar. 

As an Indian citizen, we could only hope both India and China are playing to the gallery, that is  to the United States and Pakistan, of their pretended mutual animosity while knowing fully the side of the bread where the butter is. 

Subversive Indian Media

It would meanwhile serve you the citizens greatly to be aware of the subversive role which Indian media plays. 

This is an Indian media which would never criticize ISI or look at how the United States plays havoc with its NGOs, Human Rights Groups and “Deep State” in India’s institutions/establishments and yet we must believe they are neutral. 

My default position is to see virtue in anyone who is being targeted by shameful Indian mainstream media. 

I would rather be inclined to blame the West, given how they eye other countries for their land and resources, a habit nurtured through centuries to become almost genetic, than blame someone like China who, truth be told, aren’t into war games and more into development and growth. 

That Indian media loses no moment to train its guns on China, and overlooks the plainly visible transgressions by the West, should tell you whose bidding they do. 

I leave you with this long thread which would give you an idea on the games imperialists play. 

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