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Why Bangladesh wants to join the BRICS?

Bangladesh prime miniser Sheikh Hasina

Why Bangladesh wants to join the BRICS?

Well, membership in the BRICS would allow Bangladesh to improve economic ties not only with other members of this international economic bloc but with other developing nations out there as well, argues Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, Bangladeshi journalist and former adviser to the country’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Chowdhury has pointed out that about 20 countries have already exhibited an interest in joining the BRICS as the bloc’s appeal in the world keeps growing.

Noting that two BRICS members, China and India, are already Bangladesh’s biggest trading partners, the journalist said that for his country, joining the bloc would “serve as a platform to boost economic coordination with these nations, as well as other developing countries in a multilateral format.”

His sentiment was echoed by Delawar Hossain, director of the East Asia Study Center at the University of Dhaka, who told Sputnik that joining BRICS would essentially help Bangladesh continue engaging in “multilateral diplomacy” while not becoming part of any geopolitical bloc.

Describing BRICS as “an informal grouping to discuss common problems and common challenges,” Hossain suggested that “it would serve as a forum to promote economic interactions with China, India and Russia, as well as other developing nations.”

The decision on Bangladesh’s BRICS membership may be reached at the organization’s upcoming summit in South Africa, which Prime Minister Hasina has already been invited to attend.

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