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“Why I left Islam? And thousands more would do if there was no fear!”

(Waseem Rizvi was once chairman of the Shia Central Waqf Board of Uttar Pradesh. He has now converted to Hinduism with a new avatar—Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi. Here he shares his reasons for leaving Islam in a talk with Neeraj Atri , an author, duly transcribed and translated from Hindi by Bhumika Arora for readers’ benefit). 

Neeraj Atri: We are going to discuss why all around the world, and in our country also, Muslims are leaving Islam in huge numbers. Waseem Rizvi has worked on Ground Zero for a long period along with Islamic people. His insight would be extremely beneficial to us. 

Waseem Rizvi: See, I spent a lot of time even on the matter of Ram Janmbhoomi. I even advocated returning the Ram Janmbhoomi space back to temple authorities but their obstinate Islamic behaviour never allowed them to see things clearly. 

The fanatical mindset is so overpowered that they cannot see beyond the Quran. We worked in line with the modification of the Madrasa. We had written to the government that primary madrasas should be closed and the amount should be spent on the modification and the development of high-level madrasas. The primary madrasa are majorly in rural areas. The young are directly sent there which prohibits their basic high-school learning. That’s why I advocated at least high-school education should be made compulsory for Muslims. Thereafter the child is free to attend madrasas. 

The point is to give them open environment in early years, a space from a fanatical mindset. It’s good they learn about Quran. But the fear is inculcated in them in madrasas from a young age and it’s problematic. That’s why we said primary level madrasas should be closed. Operate high-level madrasas because by that time a child is ready to differentiate between right and wrong. 

We have all seen the consequence of this around the world—Islamic terrorism, bomb blasts, even how ISIS beheaded people in the name of Allahu Akbar. All this has not stopped. From last 1400 years till now, Islamic terrorism has just evolved. It came to Spain, it came to India and all over the world. Our history only talks about major atrocities by the Mughals. 

Today Muslim children are studying why the entire world has a particular notion of Islam. They are also finding out how jokes are being made out of Islam. By showing the image of Talibani Islamists and what they are doing to people there, Why would a non-Muslim be part of Islam which is responsible for the persecution of so many lives? 

There are thousands of Muslims who are equally not comfortable with this. But they won’t say anything because of fear of Islam. Fear is the driving force in Islam. Muslims who even want to leave Islam think that our community would kill us if we leave Islam. If this fear wasn’t there, I am telling you, many would have left Islam long ago. 

Here they are in Hindu majority state. Send them once to Saudi or to Kashmir, they would shout from the top of their voice that Hindus are kafirs. They are not showing their actual colours just because they are not in majority. 

Some of the people in our contact even asked us how we can adopt Sanatan Dharam. Our book is openly revealing the purpose of Islam and the methods they use to propagate Islam. It is getting viral throughout the world. 

I am fighting this all alone. My staff has left me because of fear but we haven’t given up. Amazon and other book stores have rejected our book. We are selling it through a single Whatsapp number. When someone says that I want to read your book but I am not able to pay its price, I take their address and even send them for free because I want people should know the reality of Islam. We are the writer, publisher, and even distributor. 

If there is no truth in whatsoever I have written, why Asadudding Owaisi has filed an FIR against me? If there is no truth, they could have countered me but by just saying that I have hurt the religious sentiments, or by issuing Fatwas against me, They are trying to escape. Tell me what wrong thing I have mentioned in my book. They know they cannot counter what I have written. They cannot answer Waseem Rizvi so they are trying to get me arrested, issuing Fatwas. What have I done wrong? Lots of people write books, I have also written one. 

Neeraj Atri: Waseem Ji, I have been thinking about this a lot. We are a constitutional duty, where constitution and its laws are considered supreme. But what people are doing—for everything they they willl come on roads, start protesting, blocking roads. How the administration should deal with the issue?

Waseem Rizvi: See, our politicians are so scared that they even they don’t call Muslims as Muslims and rather use the word “special community” for them. The point is you can’t use Quran to inculcate hate in children towards other religions. Constitution has not allowed propagating terrorism. So when you talk about Constitutional rights, these are not your rights. 

I received a call from an officer from Telangana. He was Muslim. He asked me what I am doing. I just replied that I have written a book and nothing else. He abused me and threatened me that he would kill me. 

There have been so many books that have been written on Mohammed. I am not the first one to write. Muslims are eyeing how they can turn non-Muslims into Muslims. But non-Muslims should be aware of all these things. In western countries also, Muslims are trying different baits to propagate conversions. We have raised voices against how they are trying to instil fear of Shariyat in children instead of the Constitution. They are using the constitution to file FIRs against me but using Sharia laws to take action. 

When the administration files a case against me, it actually gives motivation to these extremists that using law they can do anything. They are creating pressure on state administration that if they would not arrest me, Muslims will protest on roads. What kind of thing is this?

One Waseem Rizvi is bringing Islamic reality to the table. I do not hate anyone. I hate the way they practice Islamism. If you know about true Islamism, follow the teachings of Allah and keep Quran aside.  Bring change in yourself. Use your mind and see if the book is teaching you the right thing. If not, then keep it aside and follow the religion of Humanity. 

I have no problem in going to jail. We can fight from there as well. I am fighting against how the extremists are planning against Sanatan Dharam. It’s a bigger conspiracy. When I am trying to debunk this conspiracy, they are taking advantage of the administration. At least the administration should ask these Owaisis and other Maulanas what is the base of their FIR. If I am calling Rasool mad, then I am giving proof as well.  Can you give me the counter answer to that? 

If we talk about Sanatan Dharam, Muslims questions Mahabharat, Bhagavad Geeta but can they answer wherein any Hindu religious text is mentioned- “Kill anyone who is not Hindu.” Where it is written that if someone is not doing murti puja, forcefully convert them into Hindu? Is it written anywhere? 

Mahabharat was not fought to kill humanity. It was fought to save Humanity. Tell me have you seen any video of Hindu beheading Muslims because their religion is supreme? Muslims should see their face in the mirror and ask themselves what they are doing? I feel sorry for those filing FIRs against me, protesting against me or conspiring against me.  They feel they are motivating Muslims. They want Muslims to know – Main Musalman Hu. They will automatically follow Mohammad and his Islamism. 

They are not saying it openly that we’ll kill Hindus rather they are trying to create that situation that when Muslims will be in majority, then they will reveal their actual colours.  It is their mission to increase the population and change the demographic situation of India. The administration should understand this. 

Neeraj Atri:  very true, I was talking to Sanjay Dixit who once mentioned that demographic conditions should be made part of our security policies.  You are reiterating the same thing. 

Waseem Rizvi: Absolutely. Muslims are conspiring. Hindus who are living their own life, don’t even know that someone who resides next to them is even conspiring against them. They are just waiting for one incident and moreover, their Maulanas have already taught them to fight in the name of Allah. (Unhe to ye pehle hi bata diya gaya h ki tum lado allah k naam par agar mar doge to bhi Jannat milegi or mar jaoge to bhi).  They think both the situations are profitable for them. If they kill someone, they are going in heaven and even if they die in the process of killing someone, then also they are going to achieve “Jannat.” (Mara to kaafir ko mara, or mar gaye to “shaheed” ka tag hai)

Neeraj Atri: I am asking you the question one of us has asked- What is the contribution of Islam in Indian civilization? Is already existing academia not enough to learn the global values that Quran will teach?

Waseem Rizvi: See the contribution of Islam in Indian culture is clearly mentioned in history. Islam came through Mughals and Sultans and looted money, killed people and built the Taj Mahal for their beloved. This is their contribution. 

See, I say it very clearly, people from every religion fought for the independence of India including Muslims but after Britishers left India, Muslims were the first ones to ask for their share. They divided India into parts and made Pakistan and Bangladesh so you have actually exacted the price of freedom, your pound of flesh. In reality, Hindustan belongs to Hindus. Now if you are living here, it is their nobility. Muslims are actually hurting the very hand that is feeding them. When Muslims talk about their contribution to the freedom struggle, the answer is they have already taken Pakistan for that. You have already divided India. Nowhere in the world, Muslims have that kind of freedom that they experience here in India. The fear which Islam has created is increasing day by day. Just look how they are killing people in Afghanistan. 

Neeraj Atri: In Bollywood movies, we see how there is a gang who try to spread the fear among people, I guess that’s exactly happening. 

Waseem Rizvi: I will tell you about one incident where a mob of some 40,000-50,000 people was going toward the chief minister’s residence to protest against me and to demand my arrest. This is obvious that the police had not given permission for that so they did lathi-charge. Now one person died due to cardiac arrest during lathi-charge. Mulla who was leading that dharna filed a case under article 302 i.e. accused me of murder even when I wasn’t there. Police even filed that case. When I asked DMO-SP of that time, he said we know the situation but it is just to control their anger. But someone tells them that they have actually filed a murder case against me in records. They have actually destroyed my clean track record. They even challenged that later in the court. The administration should take note of them and not feel pressurised by them. You are here to implement the law but if you only surrender to their demands, they’ll take undue advantage of them. 

Neeraj Atri: Somebody asked what will happen if Samajwadi Party comes to power?

Waseem Rizvi: I have been asked this many times. The best they can do is send me to jail. We will fight through court. Also, while I am not involved in the political sphere anymore, I know political parties who consider Muslims as their vote banks and do Muslim appeasement politics, they are somewhat responsible for encouraging Muslim fanatics. The majority section should think wisely while giving their vote to any party. They should unite and bring that party to power which doe not encourage radical Islamists.

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