Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Abdullah, Mufti and their fake J & K Highway outrage

Mehbooba Mufti (People’s Democratic Party), the father and son Abdullah duo(National Conference) and Sajid Lone (People’s Conference) are calling upon the people of Jammu & Kashmir to defy the ban on access to Baramullah-Udhampur 270-km highway which came into force on Sunday.

Mufti has threatened to drag the government to court; Farooq Abdullah feels Kashmir is being treated as a “colony”; and Sajid Lone is viewing it as a humanitarian disaster.

They all are shedding copious tears and Lutyens Media, as if on prompt, is beating its breast at the alleged humanitarian disaster, quoting inconvenienced people who are visiting railway stations and hospitals or shopkeepers who flank the sides of the highway.

Since the ban is to remain in effect till May 31, well after elections are over, you could be sure they would be holding more demonstrations and defying the ban like they did on Sunday. Lutyens Media, as if on cue, would create a sustained noise to brainwash unsuspecting readers and feed their international echo chamber.

None would tell you the readers that

  1. It’s for army convoys to move between Jammu and Kashmir Valley and avoid a Pulwama-type tragedy;
  2. The ban is only on Wednesday and Sunday for 13 hours, 4 am-5pm;
  3. VVIPs are outside the purview of the ban (Omar Abdullah and Mufti held their campaign rallies in Uri and Beerwah on Sunday);
  4. School children, government employees, emergency services and tourist vehicles are allowed after due scrutiny;
  5. Civilian traffic is allowed once an army convoy has passed by;
  6. Civilians can seek passes from the offices of district magistrates;
  7. Civilians can have a day-pass in case of emergency

Lutyens Media would be ready aids to these rumour-mongering politicians, without questioning if the country could afford another Pulwama attack or a Indo-Pakistan war which could ensue in its wake. Whether government could be roasted in case Pulwama 2.0 happens. Whether an unfortunate incident could blow up our brave soldiers and bereave their families.

Neither the Lutyens Media nor vile politicians would rise up in fury on Pakistan for stating that the Modi government could “stage a new mishap” and thereafter “attack” Pakistan in order to win the 2019 General Elections. If you look at Indian Express this morning, you could think it’s a newspaper published from across the border. Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is second lead story, with a photo to boot, while a livid India and its’ reaction on this “preposterous statement” intended to “whip up war hysteria” and “a call to Pakistan-based terrorists to undertake a terror attack in India” is buried deep inside the story.

I mean don’t politicians and Lutyens Media have any sentiments for India’s armed soldiers? Another Pulwama is just a fodder to their scheme to put Modi government in an awkward spot on the cusp of 2019 General Elections? Is this a loyalty towards your own motherland or those who want it in pieces?

So keep an eye on these politicians and Jammu & Kashmir over the next few weeks. Watch your newspapers avoid the inconvenient facts such as that it was Modi government which enforced a unilateral ceasefire during Ramadan last year. See how a fake human rights campaign is raised to feverish pitch. And if you could, urge the government to have a harsher ban on highway. Inconveience is no cost compared to the blown up soldiers on the highway.


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