How could farmers’ tractors rally be denied R-Day grandstage? Easy, I say

19th January 2021

19th January 2021

The Hindustan Times carries an article on this year's Republic Day Parade in Delhi and who can attend. I quote - “They said only 4,000 people from the general public will be allowed. Rest of the spectators will be VVIP and VIP guests.”

What or who is a VIP or VVIP is not defined anywhere in any Laws of India, starting from the Constitution of India, and working downwards. Starting from the President of India and working our way to every Indian, we are defined simply as "citizens" - though an exemption was made in Parliament for "Muslim Citizens of India" to which also I never really received a response-in which I had also asked for the definition of VIP and VVIP.

The Ministry of Home Affairs had provided me with a response on the question of who or what is a VIP or VVIP. Inter alia, that also said that there is no real definition, and for a while the usage had reduced perceptibly. But then once again, VIP and VVIP seems to have reared its head again, along with the term "general public" used almost as a pejorative.

So on one hand we have farmers protesting outside the Gates of Delhi denying citizens access to public spaces and roads. On the other hand we have public spaces and roads in the heart of Delhi being denied to us citizens in the name of VIPs and VVIPs. 

And now the protesting farmers want to take out a tractor rally on the outer roads of Delhi. Fair enough, we as "general public" will sit at home or lose another day of work, as the case may be. But do you know how they handle this in, for example, the Farmer's Favourite country, Canada?

Yes, while they were risiing in solidarity with our own Punjab farmers in ongoing standoff? Over there, in Pind Canada, this is called "stunting" and comes with a traffic challan of 567 Canadian dollars (about 33,000/- rupees) as well as an increase in insurance premiums