Monday, May 20, 2024

BREXIT: Why it may still not come about

The exit of Britain from European Union may still not come about despite the popular people’s vote against the continuation The exit of Britain from European Union may still not come about despite the popular people’s vote against the continuation of it. 

The next step in this dramatic, historic battle will be the fierce relentless attack which Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of Japan—not to forget George Soros—would unleash on the pound sterling and hammer the British economy to the extent that British Parliament would end up turning down the popular referendum.

The historic referendum which we have just witnessed is not binding and Parliament is at liberty to reject it—the murmurs in this direction are easy to detect with Prime Minister David Cameron delaying his departure till October and European Union insisting that the severance could take up to two years.

The more the delay, the more severe would be the attack on British economy as it’s a matter of lifeline for Washington and its neoliberals, war-mongers one-percenters.

Washington’s entire strategy of world hegemony is dependent on Europe being vassal to its wishes. The European Union and NATO are important tools towards this evil design. Without Europe being an accomplice, it would be impossible for Washington alone to carry out its illegal wars around the globe of which Middle East has bore the brunt of damage in the last decade and a half.

Without Europe at its beck and call, Washington would be a war criminal pursuing its evil designs with complete disregard to international law or support from other nations. Quite a few of its key members wouldn’t be able to travel abroad without being arrested.

The only way this referendum could achieve its logical end is if the British people stay steadfast, alert and determined and refuse to be browbeaten into submission. After all, history shows us that it’s been British people who have given the world the democratic way of people’s wish being supreme.

The British people would have to be wise to the methods of presstitute media who would leave no stone unturned to show this historic vote has been a ghastly mistake. There would be drummed up propaganda from all quarters, paving the way for British Parliament to reject the popular vote in the name of national interest.

Already the media and TV channels are crying hoarse how Scotland has been fiercely pro-EU as it has been the municipality of London in the referendum. Every minute we are being told how it would bring about a break-up of Great Britain with Scotland, Ireland and Wales going their separate way.

Britain could very well escape the financial “bombing” if it latches on to the bandwagon of Russia, China, Iran and India and thus ensure that the popular referendum is taken to its logical conclusion.

But then European Union is more than just Britain. There would be now a fresh wind to the far-right parties of France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and many other European nations. Most would now ask for a similar referendum. European citizens have tasted blood and they are unlikely to bow down to the centralized, dictatorial and remote powers of Brussels any longer.

In all these years, European citizens have seen their civil liberties brutally hacked; their social welfare status almost to the point of extinction. The fear of immigration, refugees, Islamophobia have led to a rising demand for nations to take control of its own destiny rather than submit to a super-state structure.

The European Union dream is over. And with it the monstrous designs of Western hegemony across the globe.  David Cameron, unwittingly, has struck a withering blow to the very club of which he has been a member.  It’s been a self-goal of mammoth proportions for which masses of humanity would be eternally grateful.  Another David has slain the Goliath, albeit unwittingly.

We’ve just been witness to a truly historic moment.of it. 

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