Monday, May 27, 2024

Burning tractor is insult to farmers who worship it, says Modi

A day after a tractor is set to fire near India Gate in opposition to agricultural laws, prime minister Narendra Modi slammed the Opposition saying, “those opposing farm laws are insulting farmers.”

While attending a video conferencing for inaugurating the developmental projects in Uttarakhand, Modi accused the opposition of misleading farmers and said people are insulting farmers by burning the equipment which is worshipped by them.

“Several reforms, related to farmers, laborers,  and health, were brought during the recently concluded Parliament session. These reforms will strengthen the laborers, youth, women, farmers of the nation. But the nation can see how some people are opposing it just for the sake of it… There will not only be MSP in the country but also the freedom for farmers to sell their produce anywhere. But some people are unable to tolerate this freedom. Their one more medium to earn a black income is finished, PM Modi added.

On Monday, the Punjab Youth Congress leaders set a tractor on fire near the India Gate.

In order to justify their actions, Punjab Youth Congress president, Brinder Dhillon said “this was the only way we could have made the deaf and dumb government hear”

Meanwhile, police have arrested five people- all from Punjab and has also seized the car in which they were traveling.

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