Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Do wonder what Russia gains by attacking trailer and a tractor in Poland?

A missile struck a village in Poland, killing two, which the media rats were quick to blame on Russia before US-NATO ruled that out, never mind their rogue vassal Ukraine still clung on to its blame-Russia game in the hope of World War III.

My first reaction was why would Russia blow up an old trailer and a tractor in Poland?

And whatever happened to NATO’s air-defence system for its members, one of which is Poland?

I sure thought this is it, the formal roll down of World War III, for the blueprint is exactly the same which the US uses to justify the wars it can’t do without for its loot and plunder. 

Gulf of Tonkin

Your grandpa of course would be aware of “Gulf of Tonkin” fraud which caused the Vietnam War: The US claimed the North Vietnamese forces had attacked its ships in those waters on August 2 and 4 in 1964 and it had no option but to bomb them which escalated into a human tragedy like few in human history. 

We now know that the so-called August 4, 1964 attack never happened once some 200 documents were declassified after nearly half a century in early 2000s. It showed that the US had distorted the truth about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, ostensibly to suit president Lyndon B Johnson and his political goals. 

The cost? Americans lost 58,220 of its own men; Vietnamese some 3 million lives. 

Media never asked the question and we never paused to think: What was US warships doing in Vietnamese waters? And what else North Vietnamese could’ve done if US ships were with the South Vietnamese attacking them?

Pearl Harbor

You must be aware of the Pearl Harbour incident of December 7, 1941 which brought the United States formally into World War II the very next day. The Japanese attack on this US naval base in Honolulu, Hawaii killed 2,403 Americans and wounded 1,178 others. But we now know that Americans all along knew the Japanese war ships were approaching their naval base but did nothing to thwart the disaster. 

The US used the attack to “sell” the war to its people, much like it did with Vietnam, or in recent history with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc. 

It so happened that the far shores of the Pacific Ocean were important to Americans for its raw materials. The Depression years of 1930s hadn’t left the United States. But here was Japan, a mirror-image, which was occupying lands in Asia for its own acquisition of resources. It had occupied China, and the rubber-rich French colony of IndoChina. It was eyeing Dutch colony of Indonesia for its oil-rich gains. 

Thus began severe US economic sanctions on Japan (sounds familiar, eh?). The partners in crime, the British and the Dutch, lent a helping hand in an embargo on vital oil products. The Japanese offered US a share in the Asian loot, as long as it was allowed to extend its own sphere of influence in Latin America. Predictably, the US said no. 

The US wanted the war but it didn’t want to initiate it. One, it would be difficult to convince its people; two, it would’ve brought Germany and Italy, as allies of Japan into war and the isolationist US Congress would’ve never approved of it. 

Out came the same time-tested methods which we now know from Vietnam, and of course the ongoing Ukraine Crisis: Push your enemy to the wall for he would have no option but to come out throwing punches. 

The strategy used in Pearl Harbor included the deployment of warships close to Japanese territorial waters. 

Economic sanctions were bringing magic of its own. 

These continuing “putting pins in rattlesnakes,” as FDR was to say privately to friends, finally yielded gold. 

The rattlesnakes in Tokyo finally had enough. 

A Japanese warship set sail for Hawaii where the US had provocatively stationed its fleet. 

The US had decoded in advance the Japanese move but they sat tight and let the Pearl Harbour incident happen. 

The trophy was the world domination which came after the World War II, courtesy largely of Soviet Union and millions of Russian lives lost, an ally which they are now choosing to snuff out forever. 


This is no place to dwell on how 9/11 happened; and how that incident suited the US to launch its endless wars in the Middle East. 

Likewise, I won’t rake up the start of the Spanish-American War in the closing years of the 20th century which gave US the control of the Caribbean and launched its Pacific plunder. The casus belli was the mysterious sinking of US battleship Maine in the Havana Harbour, an act which was immediately blamed on the Spanish. 

I would rather also leave aside the shooting down of MH-17 in 2014 which killed 298 on board and endlessly blamed on Russia. So blatant were the disregard for facts that Russia left trilateral consultations with the “investigating” Netherlands and Australia after a while, claiming the other two were not keen in uncovering the truth, and had other goals in mind.


This Poland Missile thing seems to have fizzled out for the moment. But there is no mistaking the pattern or similar false flags which would keep plunging humanity into an existential crisis. 

Yet this is as important a moment as ever to know your media.

All that garbage we are fed non-stop on television and print media.

And that you should never believe its word if it concerns war and peace, democracy and human rights, and all those lovely ideals which seduce you into pinning for the Wrong. 

So let’s first have a look at the headlines in Western Media after the Poland Missile moment. 

Do click the above tweet to know about the media you treat as sacrosanct of inviolable integrity. 

Look at all those names we treat as God’s Own Word. 

Decipher the method you should get wiser to as soon as you can:: Put unknown Facts>Repetitions>Familiarity>Moulding Mind>Now stamped as truth. 

They jumped the gun for that’s how they know wars are manufactured: In this case Poland had been violated and NATO must jump to its protection against the perpetrator Russia under its Article 5 obligation of collective defense. 

The US and NATO, as I said, have blinked but the danger hasn’t gone away. We know of the sabotage of Nord Stream 1, the Crimean bridge bomb attack and the past history to know it’s coming again. 

Meanwhile, brush up on what’s happening in Italy where a major “Nazi attack”, linked to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion has been foiled. This is terrorism in the heart of Europe and we all know who smiles the broadest when a similar thing is wrought upon the Middle East. Sowing anarchy and reaping harvest has always worked, hasn’t it. 

And that the weapons in the hands of these terrorists could be the ones which had been earmarked for Ukraine should tell you about the bloody years ahead of Europe—a la how Libya’s arsenals created the Islamic State (IS) etc—irrespective of how Ukraine thing ends. 

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