Thursday, June 13, 2024

Has Modi really forsaken the Palestinians?

There is a sustained campaign that India is not standing by the  Palestinians: So that (a) Crores of Indian Muslims turn away from the Modi government in the approaching General Polls and if luck holds, might even hit the roads;  (b) to discredit it in the eyes of the Global South to which it is a leading voice. 

Now Al Jazeera does it; as does our own Indian Express which in initial days of Israeli-Hamas clash took delight that New Delhi is keeping mum on Palestinians even as India came out in support of creating a Palestinian state

So did Pepe Escobar, a strident voice against the West and in support of BRICS, who often prefers China over Modi’s India: “India has just stabbed itself in the head as the leader of the Global Majority: their leadership does seem to get a hard on when facing Israel.”

(This about a leader who has stood up to Canada, defiant to Five Eyes, and didn’t give a damn to the United States on the matter.) 

And this is The Wire: “Rooting for Israel, Not a good word about Palestine: Modi is upending Indian foreign policy.”

Etc, etc. 


It’s as good a moment as you’d ever get to know how mainstream media fools you under the Hegemon’s agenda. 

In the wake of Hamas attack, the western media was full of how Hamas beheaded 40 babies during their invasion, even as Israelis themselves were not confirming it!

Touring journalists found no evidence of it; US president Joe Biden now doubled down on it before backing off. When the fake news couldn’t be pushed any further, the CNN reporter apologized in public

History tells us that such “mistakes” have grave consequences on millions of lives. Ask Iraq which was invaded on the fake charge of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and which the western media had drummed up incessantly. 

Once US invaded Iraq in 2003 and destroyed the Middle East forever, these “gracious” reporters and our Blairs and Bushs admitted that the WMD projection was fake!


The time-tested deception of arousing masses’ anger is to play on atrocities against babies and women. 

It was the fake story of Belgian babies being hoisted on German bayonets which helped Britain sway the public opinion in World War I. 

Kuwait propagated in 1990 that Iraqi troops had ripped babies from hospital incubators; in 2011, the Western officials claimed that Libyan troops fuelled on Viagra carried out mass rapes in opposition-held Benghazi city. 

Both were proven to be wrong, of course. 

Same is the fake assertion in western media this time: Los Angeles Times claimed that partygoers had been raped by Hamas before again this fake news was admitted to be a mistake.  


So we have NBC News describing how Hamas targeted elementary schools and a youth centre: That they have exclusive documents of Hamas planning to kill many innocents in the Israeli kibbutz of Afar Sa’ad. That this “top secret” document in Arabic detailed how the Hamas units were to surround young children and civilians. 

This “top document” is what Israelis allegedly found with the Hamas fighters they killed. It included detailed maps on how to attack and kill Israeli children and civilians. 

Now the Hamas attacked occurred in the early hours of October 7. 

What do Zionist children do on a Sabbath/ before down? Sitting in school? Do they visit a youth centre? 

If Hamas indeed planned it that way, they surely came at a wrong time and wrong day. 


Such fake news are meant to justify own atrocities in the eyes of domestic audience.

Hamas is presently being branded as no better than Islamic State (IS) and it’s attack has been compared as fifteen 9/11s on Israel by Joe Biden. 

Such projection is meant to acquire licence to do whatever you want against the Palestinians. 

So Hamas is a terrorist organisation but no note is taken that Israel has been declared an “apartheid state” by credible organisations; and in the eyes of the UNGA is a serial trespasser of international law. 

Thus when Israeli attacks are being carried out on Gaza, in the eyes of BBC, it’s a “humanitarian crisis” as if its been flooded; the Palestinians are shown as “anxious” (sic) on hell raining from the air. BBC, again, would make you believe that Palestinians are dying and not being killed.

So the Israeli attack was in “retaliation”, never mind be it Nakba in 1948 or during the 1967 War, millions of Palestinians were displaced, died or are living dead. That they have been blockaded by sea, air or ground for 16 long years; denial of food, fuel, water etc. Yet the Hamas attack is never in “retaliation” but the Israeli one is. 


Context is everything in political reporting. 

But Western Media never does so: There is no attempt to provide a background to a conflict or the other party’s view point. NEVER.

Instead, there is deception, distortion, framing and rationalizing an agenda to suit their Western masters. 

The Gaza Strip has been illegally blockaded since 2006. The Human Rights Watch and others describe it as world’s largest “open-air prison.” There are enough documentary evidence yet Hamas attack is described as “unprovoked”: Same as they did with Russia in Ukraine. Yet, we are told that the US attack on Iraq in 2003 was “provoked.”!

Now who do you think has suffered more: One who has been facing the wrong end of butt for decades or one who has had one terrible afternoon? 

Which hostages appear to you larger in number: A few held in one afternoon or some 2 million in open jail for decades? 

See the hypocrisy in this situation: 

Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation of Gaza is terrorism. 

But the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian occupation is not terrorism. 

Israel’s is “retaliation” while Russia’s “unprovoked aggression.”

Now who would believe the United States on its “human rights” charade when Palestinians are being treated no better than “human animals”?


The truth is, there is an occupier and an occupied. 

An apartheid state on one side; the stateless people on the other. 

One party is doing ethnic cleansing and the other party is being ethnically cleansed. 

There is a clear aggressor and a clear victim. 

Yet your mainstream media, under an agenda, never lets out the truth. 

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