Tuesday, April 16, 2024



Aaron Bushnell: The least he deserves is our conscience

The camera shows him walking intently on a pavement. He is heading towards the Israeli embassy in Washington, introducing himself as “Aaron Bushnell, an...

ICJ ruling: What is binding on Russia, is not on Israel!

Israel has to report to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) within a month the steps it has taken to prevent genocide and what...

ME War expanding for target is Iran


Russian region gifts houses to fleeing Palestinians

Russia’s Muslim-majority region will build apartments to house the Palestinians fleeing the Gaza Strip, Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, announced on...

South Africa’s genocide case against Israel begins

The two days which the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has set aside for hearing on South Africa's 84-page application on what the latter...

All things point to US attacking Iran in 2024

All things point to the United States attacking Iran in 2024.  Our newspapers, and of course the United States/Israel, are drumming up whatever bad is...

Why US is dithering on Houthis in Red Sea

If numbers interest you, there are one too many which tell how crucial is the Bab-el Mandeb Strait (Red Sea) for trade between East...

Is Israel losing, and Hamas winning, in Gaza?

It’s been nine weeks since Israel began its genocide in Gaza to wipe out the “animals” they call Hamas. Yet we hear from the...

Iran knows United States wants war!


Watch Hamas gunmen kill 3 Israelis

Hamas fighters killed three Israeli civilians and injured others in a point-blank shooting at a crowded bus stop in West Jerusalem on Thursday. The...


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