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Now there is trouble on Eid: Who are the enemies of paradise we call India?

Festivities these days bring anxiety for they don’t pass off without violence, often fatal incidents. 

The spate of violence across the country on Hanuman Jayanti recently, capped by the horrific communal clash in Jahangirpuri, was soon enough followed by the horrific video of brutal pro-Khalistanis wreaking havoc on Maa Kali Temple in Patiala. 

All this came on the heels of violence in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, during Ram Navmi Celebrations last month after miscreants pelted stones, hurled petrol bombs and fired shots during a Ram Navmi procession. Several houses were set on fire; properties looted. 

The ongoing Eid celebrations seems to repeat the trend as news has filtered in that there was a communal clash in Jodhpur on Monday night when a few miscreants put up an Islamic flag at a circle in the city. Violence erupted and journalists too were caught in the cross-exchange. As a precaution, internet services have been shut down in the city. 

It also appears a pre-planned, staged event when a few girls turned up in Hijabs at their college in Modinagar, on the outskirts of Capital Delhi, to collect the free tablets and laptops which the Yogi Adityanath administration is distributing to students. The college authorities apparently wanted them to follow the uniform code, the girl-students refused to do so, and later tried to block the highway in protest. 

The news has filtered in that Imam of Fatehpuri Mosque in New Delhi has given a call to boycott this year’s Eid following the violence in Jahangirpuri and subsequent demolition drive which allegedly damaged a mosque. 

Khargone, of course, is in a zone of curfew in Madhya Pradesh on the occasion of Eid. 

Then a video has gone viral on social media where controversial priest, Maharaj Kalicharan, in an assembly in Aligarh, is exhorting Hindus that they are already a minority in this country we call India. Kalicharan said when a Muslim leader (Asaduddin Owaisi’s younger brother Akbaruddin) makes a hate speech, and is acquitted by judiciary, while a Hindu leader is jailed for only asking his community to stand united, it simply means the system is rigged. Would you wait for the day when 100–100 (Muslims) would rape your women, were the combustible words uttered by him. 

It’s clear as daylight that there are elements who are sowing the virus of communal violence in the country. Normal citizens like you and me just want to get on with our lives. But those who have an agenda, and who have their fifth columns in this country—NGOs, Media, and why, it could be among politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, judiciary too—who are held on strings by the imperialist/Islamists/globalist/Leftist/Liberal forces, they won’t let a day pass in India without a troubling incident. 

It also takes no intelligence that all this is because a nationalist, majority government in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in Centre for the last eight years. And that this party is at cross purpose with the eco-system of India which has been nurtured for close to 70 years. And that this ecosystem is beholden to globalist forces. All their fame, money, lionizing happens because they are part of this eco-system and not because of any intrinsic brilliant textures they have in their frames. 

Anarchy would be a new normal in India. One doesn’t see BJP being replaced from the pole position in a hurry. And as long as they remain true to their trajectory, the trouble-makers would only intensify their mischief, never mind their hideous-profile is now hidden from no one. We would live in an unpleasant India, and so would our children, till one of them—BJP vs eco-system—gives way. 

And it won’t happen anytime soon. 

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