Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pak warned: Any misadventure could “inflict” heavy losses

With ongoing tensions between India and China, Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), General Bipin Rawat, warned Pakistan against trying to take advantage of any possible conflict between India and China.

In the national capital, the four-star general sounded a warning to Pakistan that India is fully prepared for any challenge and if Islamabad tries to create any trouble they would inflict “heavy losses”.

The comments from CDS Rawat came during the online US-India Strategic Partnership Forum.

“…Pakistan could take advantage of that [India’s border row with China] and create some trouble for us…Therefore, we have taken the adequate precaution to ensure that any such misadventure by Pakistan is sorted and they are not able to succeed in their mission. In fact, they may suffer heavy losses should they attempt any misadventure,” General Rawat added.

Gen. Rawat also acknowledged that Pakistan has been constantly engaged in the proxy war against India and posting its terrorists into the areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

While answering about China’s ties with Pakistan, Gen Rawat said that the Chinese cooperation with Pakistan in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir with its military support requires a high level of “preparations” from India.

His comments came in the backdrop of fresh border clashes between India and China after a failed attempt by China to occupy Indian territory in the Eastern part of Ladakh on the intervening night of August 29-30. However, the Indian Army thwarted their attempt.

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