Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Lloyd Austin

Is Israel losing, and Hamas winning, in Gaza?

It’s been nine weeks since Israel began its genocide in Gaza to wipe out the “animals” they call Hamas. Yet we hear from the...

Putin’s high words for Modi mirror the great man

As the long shadow on the year lengthens, and his third straight term as India’s prime minister beckons, prime minister Narendra Modi has reasons...

US’ latest aid is “sedative pill” to collapsing Ukraine: Russia

Washington has announced yet another military aid package for Ukraine worth around $100 million, after the Pentagon warned earlier this month that it was running...

US set to boost military presence near China

The US military will be deployed to four new bases in “strategic areas” of the Philippines, the two countries announced on Thursday. The agreement was reached...

Would India give up Russia’s S-400 missiles for US? A fat chance under Modi

The US secretary of state Antony Blinken threatened the companies  constructing the undersea Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia’s Baltic coast to Germany...


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