Saturday, December 4, 2021


Maharana Pratap

Jauhar: A tale of our women who preferred death to being disrobed and raped

(The author, passionate on India undiscovered, presents his third and final piece around valiant Rajputs. While the first and second piece was centred around...

The truth of Haldighati: A stalemate which we read as Rana Pratap beaten

(The author, passionate on India undiscovered, presents his second piece on Haldighati, the venue of Maharana Pratap’s valour below. The first could be read...

When we remember Maharana Pratap, we ought to pay respect to this Pathan

Hakim Khan Suri the grandson of the Legendary Sher Shah Suri of Sansaram (Bihar). It’s indeed very sad that none of the history text...

What’s this ‘alternate view’ Mr Bhansali?

"Alternate View par thappad nahin lagta sahib, Double Standard par lagta hai" (You are not slapped on Alternative View sir. You could though be on...


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