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The Curse of Jhelum: Pak could only blame its terrorists

The earliest recorded historical accounts of human intervention for regulation of Jhelum waters are to be found from the reign of Awantivarman, the founder...

How a YouTube channel is transforming a remote village and its women

Liton Ali, a software engineer who turned women of a non-descript Bangladesh village into a YouTube wonder, remembers the day he thought of the...

November 25 is blackest of black day in Mirpur: When Hindus paid the price of not joining Pakistan

The attacks by tribal lashkars led by Pakistani soldiers on Jammu and Kashmir ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh began on October 22. A lot...

The hero we remember with gratitude for saving Poonch in 1947-48

In 1947-48 war with Pakistan, that raged in many parts of Jammu and Kashmir for months together, November 21, 1948, is a very important...

Facts on J & K that never reached you

History, in India, is a strange subject and historians even stranger. The subject is reviled by students who perceive it to be dull and...


Sant Kumar Sharma
Veeresh Malik