Saturday, July 20, 2024


Real Estate

Golden rule of crooked business: Never poop in your own backyard

Recent events surrounding an assortment of front businesses like optician, fine dining, fast food, bubble making machines sold as oxygen generators, cricket linked "investments",...

Why Gelatin, Why Ambani and Why Mumbai? Let me help you connect the dots

Gelatin dynamite is, by itself, not really dangerous if transported as per the basic and simple precautions involved. Merchant seafarers are amongst the few...

Can God Save India? With protests, scams, media dogging us at every step?

India is currently in the grip of all sorts of protests because of all sorts of scams. Indian media, not known for its prowess,...

India’s residential realty sector picks up steam in July-September quarter

Real estate consulting firm Knight Frank India has seen a uptick in India’s residential realty sector in July-September quarter this year. As per the consulting...


Sant Kumar Sharma
Veeresh Malik