What does China really gain by fighting its neighbours? A lot it seems

Ashish Shukla

23rd November 2020
No country has more land or maritime borders than China has. It has 14 neighbours around its’ 22,000 km land borders. In South China Sea, there are six (Vietnam,...

A street called India: Where the Might of the Law is at its nakedest

Veeresh Malik

18th November 2020
My first step ashore as a seafarer to Singapore in 1975, as soon as the boat brought us to Clifford Pier, was right into the smiling arms of the Law. A tall, genial,...

Indians watching more streaming videos than the rest of the world: Survey

Newsbred Staff

7th November 2020
Indians have left people of other countries far behind when it comes to spending time watching streaming videos. The average time spent by fellow countrymen has been...

Why Indian media isn’t concerned about Indian interests? Unlike Khaleej or Straits Times?

Veeresh Malik

20th October 2020
I have been guilty of leave without absence, multiple reasons, one of them being an attempt to complete a long-form article on the actual true ownership of India's...

India-UK emerging military agreement is a sweet revenge of history

Newsbred Staff

10th October 2020
India, a country which traditionally was wary into entering formal military arrangements with Western powers, now can’t have enough.

Why Singaporeans are beginning to hate Indians? Is Lee’s prophecy coming true?

Newsbred Staff

9th October 2020
Singaporean social media has discovered a new villain: The India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA), a free trade agreement signed between the...

Remember 5 who went missing in Ladakh? There is more to it than meets the eye

Newsbred Staff

6th October 2020
All of us remember five men from Arunachal Pradesh who went missing last month and were handed over by China after 10 days of detention.

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