Monday, June 27, 2022


Wall Street

The coming Stock Market crash of Biblical proportions

(By David Stockman* - Former Congressman David A. Stockman served as Director of Reagan's OMB, Interview conducted by international man) International Man  : Like it or not, the reality is...

Why you must not trust anyone over 30: A piece too important for you to ignore!

While it may displease us, even nausea, to consider ideas such as the influence of eugenics on our troubled times, I believe that ignoring...

The Independent: A piece on farmers’ protest which is gutter journalism at its worst

If I was the Tax authority in the United Kingdom, I would seek out this chartered accountant from Berkshire and demand the list of...

Why China wants railroads in Afghanistan?

China’s latest five-year plan makes a thrust towards connecting Afghanistan with emerging Central Asian Rail System. Trains would leave Kashgar in China for Herat...


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