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The 32-second Muhurat when Bhagwan Rama is believed to have been born

Ayodhya is all set to witness the grand foundation laying ceremony of Ram Mandir today. Bhoomi Pujan is no doubt, the ground-breaking ceremony but it is also interesting to note that it will be the first time in Indian history that a Prime Minister is visiting Ram Janmabhoomi. Understanding the decades of conflict on Ayodhya until the Supreme Court settled the matter once for all last year, no prime minister had ever set foot on the holy land.

As per the official statement, the ceremony will begin at 12.30 and the main puja will be held between 12.44 p.m. and 12.45 p.m, keeping in mind the 32-second Abhijit Muharat, when Lord Ram is believed to have been born. The prime minister would perform Shila Pujan, Bhoomi Pujan and Karm Shila Pujan.

For Modi, it is a journey of nearly 30 years which began as his brief assistance for Ram Janmbhoomi movement to the main charioteer who himself chose this matter as the main agenda for 2014 BJP election manifesto

The construction of Ram Mandir forms the core of BJP’s ideology. When the prime minister will lay a 40-kg silver brick, the first brick of the Ram Temple, it will symbolize a truly historic moment.

Modi will leave from New Delhi around 9:35 a.m. and reach Lucknow by 10:40 a.m. Helicopter will touchdown at a newly made helipad constructed at Saket college and Modi will reach Ayodhya at 11:30 a.m.

Before the main pooja, Modi will visit Hanumangarhi and then head towards the Ram Mandir for Bhoomi Pujan. After planting Parijot sapling (the never-dying tree) at 12:10 p.m., Modi will then proceed for the grand rituals.

Modi is likely to spend three hours in Ayodhya and after the ceremony would also address saints on this auspicious event. PM Modi will leave for Saket College around 2:00 pm and will fly back to Lucknow and finally return to Delhi.

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