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Trump’s campaign pitch is all about wooing Indo-Americans

In the latest campaign pitch by US President Donald Trump, his officials have made a special mention about how Trump has always supported India; stood against China, and has never intervened in their internal matter of Kashmir.

The Indian-American community has become a new target for Trump’s campaign and it is likely the first time ever that a presidential candidate is trying to influence Indian-American voters more than its native citizens.

The campaign material of Trump’s presidential campaign are showing the record unemployment rate of Indo-Americans. The Department of Labor indeed reports Indian-Americans employment has grown from 2.1 million in 2016 to 2.5 million in  2019. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also points out the drop in the unemployment rate for Indian-Americans from 4.1% in 2015 to 2.5% in 2019– nearly 33.33 per cent

AI Mason, the co-chair for the Trump Victory Indian-American Finance Committee has claimed that Trump’s support for India against China can be seen as a breakthrough in his political move. US has always kept a distance from India on Kashmir matters and has never tried to intervene in it, it’s being mentioned.

The Trump campaign mentioned that Trump has elevated the stature of India in the World forum by joining them against China.

This all started when Joe Biden picked an Indian-American and an African-American, Kamala Harris, as his running mate, turning the ball in Trump’s court. However, The Trump clan does not want to miss any chance to influence the Indian diaspora as they can play a vital role in defeating his opponent.

The campaign started which strongly pitched Trump for US-India relations. Choosing Trump again for another four years would give more freedom and prosperity to Indians in America, they said. 

The campaign team considers the friendly relation between the US and India as the ‘Trump card’ for the elections of 2020.

Mrinalini Kumari, the co-chair of the Indian Voices for Trump, has acknowledged Trump for his strong equations with Indians in America. Harmeet Kaur Dhillon, an eminent lawyer and also co-chair for Indian Voices for Trump, noted the president’s efforts towards the Indian community. “The Indian-American community is filled with hard-working achievers who create jobs, technology, and small businesses, all of which have thrived thanks to Trump,” she mentioned in the campaign.

“The India-US relationship has never been stronger, and the Indian-American community in the US largely credits both Trump and Modi for deepening the ties between the two countries,” Mason noted.

Coming to the nerve of Indian politics, Kashmir, Mason points out that Trump truly understands the sensitivity of the matter and thus never found it right to intervene in the internal matter of India. He has always supported India and even stood up to China.

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