Sunday, May 19, 2024

Trump woos Desis with ‘America Loves India’ video

Donald Trump is back with another trick to woo the Desis. The Trump campaign has released the first video commercial, titled “Four More Years” meant to appeal to Indian-American voters.

The commercial includes snippets from the historic events “Namaste Trump” & “Howdy Modi” where both he and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi were greeted with astonishing vocal support from a huge crowd.

The video begins with a clip from the “Howdy Modi” event where prime minister Modi talks about his family of Indian-Americans. The video then cuts to “Namaste Trump” with a special focus on Trump saying, “America loves India.”

The commercial has become viral and is raking up big numbers.

The video begins with Modi praising Trump amidst thousands of his supporters.  While addressing the historic Howdy Modi event in Houston, he mentions that the US president needs no introduction.

The Trump campaign is rightly using Modi’s popularity among “his family”- the Indian-Americans–to influence the community which is in excess of 2 million.

The survey reflects that Indian-Americans in the battleground states are now more inclined towards the Republican party because of warmth between the two leaders.

The Trump campaign believe that the Indian-American community especially residing in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, will play a vital role in the presidential elections of 2020.

Meanwhile, Biden is also leaving no stone unturned to woo the Indian- American voters. Their campaign team has also planned to release a video to attract the voters.

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