Thursday, May 23, 2024

US fouls India on religious freedom but can’t see its own hypocrisy

Did you read that the United States has designated 12 nations of particular concern under its US Religious Freedom Act, 1998?

Some names—China, Iran, Russia, North Korea—are enemies so you understand; some raise eyebrows such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan who as we all know were buddies till recently. 

How does it matter, you may ask.

Well, the Act gives the United States a slew of policy responses, such as sanctions and even military intervention, a ruse to bring those nations on knees who are not beholden to Washington. 

And lest you start celebrating that India is not in the list, well, New Delhi has already been dubbed as one of the offenders by the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), a Congressional appointed body. (They all come under different names.)

A few questions which should concern you for it doesn’t concern the media who controls your mind: Who is the United States to censor other countries on religious issues? Are its measures approved under the UN Charter or any international law?


And how is that this self-appointed guardian of religious freedom completely overlooks the horrific persecution of Orthodox Church and its priests in Kiev by Ukraine’s domestic security agency, the SBU? 

Orthodox churches are being raided, priests arrested and all those religious organizations, believed to be affiliated to Moscow, are being banned and persecuted. 

The Ukrainian government is also in the process of seizing properties of Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Kiev. 

How does that sound as concern on religious freedom in Ukraine which, instead, has been granted nearly $100 billion this year alone by a Janus-faced United States?

If you press your mind further, the name Guantanamo Bay would instantly flash in front of you. 

It’s detainees are not given religious rights by the United States, under its own Religious Freedom Act, for they are considered—beat it—“not-persons” by Washington! 

So in one stroke, neither religious nor human rights for hundreds who are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wives or husbands to some but “not-persons” to the US! 

Now, certainly, Palestinians are not considered “not-persons” in the eyes of the United States. So who blares the bugle on their human and religious rights, if one might ask?

Remember the persecution Muslims, living or arriving, faced in the United States after 9/11 when the Islamophobia was at its peak. Their religious freedom sure wasn’t then a factor. 

How is that Islamophobia and persecution of Christians is a matter of grave concern for the United Nations but a rampant Hinduphobia doesn’t make them arch their eyebrows? No concern on religious freedom here? 

I won’t bore you with other such countless examples but just treat it below as an interesting mind-play on a lazy Sunday. 

What happens when a gay patient goes to a doctor who refuses to treat him for his religion doesn’t allow him to treat a person of such orientation. Now if you persecute the doctor, who happens to his religious freedom? And in the case of patient, how are his “human rights” viewed?

Take abortion. In a deeply religious country, abortion goes against the tenet of their official religion which is based on conception and equal right to all lives. A life which if it is taken is considered murder. So how do you balance their “religious freedom” with “human rights” and “right to live”?

Now, Islamic State (IS) fundamentalists we all know were slit-ing the throats of Christians in the Middle East not long ago. Now quite a few of them are under the US care, on sovereign Syrian territory to boot, and being shipped across to fight someone else’ war, such as Ukraine’s. Obviously, their religious intolerance and bigotry isn’t being held against them. Instead, it’s been up for rewards. 

Again, I could go on and on on this hypocrisy which is nothing but to interfere in sovereign nations under the guise of “human rights” and “religious freedoms.” 

If imperialism in the past took refuge under the banner of civilizing barbarians, these days it’s in the name of human rights. 

(Look up at internet: You would find dozens of books by conscientious authors on Humanitarian Imperialism such as one by Jean Bricmont. There are others such as Fools’ Crusade by Diana Johnstone and The Rise and Rise of Human Rights by Kristen Sellars for you to consider.)

It’s also a weapon to ensure that religious conversions by missionaries goes on unabated on pliable sections of a society. And that no harm comes the way of such Christian missionaries. 

It’s nothing but to spread the Protestant-Christian values across the world under the guise of securing “human rights.”

(As an Indian, you should be mindful that the historical Protestant view of Hinduism is of a “false religion.”)

Another aspect of this “deadly” weapon is that it ensures no religious nationalism rises which is a threat to West’s globalist liberal order agenda. A method which in the name of free trade ensures your resources and land could easily be gobbled up by West and its institutions, much like a falcon spots a defenceless lizard on the ground. 

This measure thus isn’t moved by religious concern—its’a a part of US foreign policy and geopolitical aims. It’s being patronising towards non-Westerners. 

And hence a question which you should ask Modi government to consider: Why not have our own annual reports on Human and Racial violating nations of the world? 

How about one on countries which cause countless human lives lost due to its war-games? 

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