Saturday, June 22, 2024

When Zelensky was ignored by the Suits in the NATO Summit

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and Ukraine's Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky went to attend the NATO Summit. But the suits ignored him. 

They promised him a NATO membership without a dateline which means nothing really. 

Ukraine has got NATO weapons without being a member; NATO intelligence without being a member; NATO training without being a member; even covert NATO soldiers without being a member. Why the fuss? 

If anything, Zelensky would’ve had a first-hand impression if the hired-hand like him has outlived his utility, a couple of pictures doing rounds (below) barely concealing the contempt “the club” has for the beggar who got his billions, villas and yachts around the world for zilch results, now that the counter-offensive is an unmitigated disaster. 

Ukraine had built up a powerful army; its masters had done everything what they ought to have been doing for their own citizens, in the hope that Russia and Putin would cease to exist. But nothing has worked. 

Sure Zelensky has kept his part of the deal, sent his thousands to the meat-grinder, all but put Ukraine on its last breath but then the masters never take the blame, nor the puppet media ever admits its the West, and not Russia, which is groaning. 

Ukraine is left with few men to fight. Russia is ramping up frightening numbers in contrast. US itself has admitted it has run out of ammunitions. Russia meanwhile is producing weapons and ammunitions, 24×7, 360 days a year. Sooner than later, something would give way. 

At some stage, funds would stop. There won’t be enough chests to wear the fatigues. West could send its storm-shadow missiles, even the cruise ones but the wars are fought over killing fields; on twitter and media its just a deception. 

When the penny would drop, Zelensky probably won’t see the next morning. West can’t afford a clown to spill the beans; there is no place in the world he could hide. The remnants of Ukraine would either go to Poland or Lithuania to which it historically belonged. 

Zelensky ought to have known the rules of the game. These rules are adjusted on the go by the masters. They are there one day, not there the next. Hired hands have limited utility. Zelensky survives only to the day when Ukraine has run out of its last soldier. 

West would either close the shop, cook up some excuse and move on to some new Ukraine, probably Taiwan, as it did with Afghanistan. Media would start singing new rhyme, a lullaby to us readers, never questioning, never training the lens on the West. You don’t bite the hand which feeds, do you. 

Yet, West knows the cost of losing this war. It would cede the stage to a multipolar world; it would be on the run once the fake Dollar comes to a grinding halt. Its drugged citizens could probably come out of their slumber. Neither the sanctions nor funds and conventional weapons has crippled Russia. The wolves are growling; the whispers are audible to ears. 

The next step is Nuclear War: NATO’s vague promise to Zelensky is an indication that card is still not on the table: For nobody wins a Nuclear War. That’s also the reason why Putin is letting Ukrainians do all their antics in Donbass when it could swoop in an instant and finish off the clown’s regime in Kiev. For Putin too doesn’t want a head-on conflict with NATO. He knows nobody wins when the Nuclear button is pressed. He is happy to watch a flailing Ukraine sink in due course. 

Zelensky’s best hope now is if he could lay his hands on deadlier weapons to force a NATO-Russia conflict. Alarmingly, the United Kingdom has promised cruise missiles which is an old hubris trying to reinvent itself in a changed world. If all hell breaks loose, who is stopping Korea from attacking Japan and who knows if Beijing won’t reveal its fatigues underneath the businessman’s suit?

Between dispensing with Zelensky (Ukraine) or choosing a Nuclear War, its easy to make the right choice. The West could choose to go for broke for a mutually assured extinction or it could accept a reduced role and influence and leave the rest of world to its own mechanism, howsoever grudgingly. 

The humanity is at the edge of a cliff, alarmingly close to where it has never been before. 

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