Wednesday, May 25, 2022



How a YouTube channel is transforming a remote village and its women

Liton Ali, a software engineer who turned women of a non-descript Bangladesh village into a YouTube wonder, remembers the day he thought of the...

Justice Chandrachud and others, IMHO, have taken a myopic view on vaccination

The Supreme Court, Justice DK Chandrachud and others, have placed the muck on Centre’s door on vaccination. The only thing they haven’t asked the...

Shekhar Gupta, let’s see how much you know about snake-oil salesman

Propaganda has a book by the same name from Edward Bernays who guided the United States into both Great Wars. It’s a Bible to...

What you term as Covid-aid, we call it friendship: Jaishankar

In last few days several countries extended help to India amid the devastating second wave of COVID 19 pandemic. However, this move was criticised...

Could India be attacked both by China and Pakistan together?

If India is attacked, it would have not just China but Pakistan also to take care of on multiple fronts. The two enemy allies would...

In case of war, would US rush to India’s defence?

Behind their pandemic-induced masks, Indians have a floating question on their lips: What if China was to pour into India and spank us like...


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