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Why EU is committing suicide with eyes wide open?

Russian president Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron

World was never the same when France (Napoleon) and Germany (Hitler) came to Russia in winter in wars: Now the winter is coming to Europe in another war and it’s going to be no less a pivotal moment in our history. 

European Union has put a plan in place of austerity for its citizens in view of the soaring energy prices: Lower heating temperatures, pre-scheduled blackout, lower economic activity etc to pull through this winter. 

It hasn’t failed to vilify Russia for “weaponizing energy” never mind the Nord Stream 1 is “un-operational” because Canada and Germany between them are refusing to deliver the repaired turbine to Gazprom, the Russian energy provider, under the guise of sanctions. 

It also didn’t term the Kiev regime—the one they are arming and stuffing funds to the mouth— for “weaponizing energy” when Zelensky stopped the supply of Gazprom deliveries to Europe through Soyuz gas pipeline in Luhansk in May for three months. 

So what’s happening here? if the dreaded winter is so much feared on a Continent which relies on Russia for 40% of its energy needs—Germany’s 72% needs—and whose import cost is 200 times more than it was last year, why Europe is intent on committing suicide with its eyes wide open?

So let’s first take stock of how dire is the situation before looking at the Great Game of this self-created energy crisis. 

The Financial Times tells us that Gazprom today is supplying only about 84 million cubic meters of gas to European customers via Ukraine and Turkey per day, down from 480 million cubic meters last year.

Goldman Sachs said a week back: “The market continues to underestimate the depth, the breadth and the structural repercussions of the energy crisis—we believe the repercussions will be even deeper than the 1970s oil crisis.”

BlackRock is of the opinion that the “energy crunch will drive a recession in Europe…and the crisis has worsened.”

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister between 2015-2019, believes that “Europe and our world is entering a prolonged cold war with huge economic consequences” and EU could face “existential problems.”

“We need to re-evaluate the sanctions. Were the measures correct or are we shooting ourselves in the foot?” 

Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary, is aghast that EU wants to extend the sanctions by another six months later in autumn. It could force 40% of European industry to shut down this winter: In other words, Recession. 

“The way things are going now, the Eurozone and the EU itself could cease to exist by 2030,” said Orban. 

The former US president Donald Trump is as blunt as only he could be: Germany could soon cease to exist as a country, he said.

Marine Le Pen, the second most important political figure in France, is exasperated: “The European Union sees its promises of prosperity and peace sinking in its economic, energy and geopolitical mistakes.”

There are two interconnected issues at play here: 

One, clearly the European Union is not prepared to abandon its “Green agenda” come what way. 

Two, why this “Green agenda” is being pursued even when “Western people could  “harvest grief in full due to their governments,” as being warned by Dmitry Medvedev, the ex-Russian president?

The “Green agenda” and the so-called “Climate Crisis” has been assiduously built over the last decade. The goal is to wean Europe away from Russia on its energy needs of coal, oil and gas and make the Old Continent dependent on the United States. 

One, it brings massive revenue to Washington’s coffers; Two, it keeps Europe no better than a vassal state of the Hegemon. 

As I often say, if Europe gets out of US control, the Hegemon loses the world: It gives Washington the foothold to meddle in world affairs. Europe through NATO, and now Gas, are two weapons essential for US supremacy– even survival. 

Even though fossil fuel-free Europe by 2030 remains a noble goal, the truth is the Western civilization would collapse without oil and gas in the short term, said by no less than Elon Musk. 

First let’s look at the windfall filling up the US coffers in the Ukraine crisis. 

The Business Insider tells us that US companies are making more than $100 million per container ship of liquefied natural gas (LNG) bound for Europe. 

The vassal, that is Europe, is hoping to somehow survive this crisis till 2024 and the captive media is keen to sing lullaby in the ears of citizenry for the duration of this painful transition. 

Already, the European leaders are beating their chest in triumph: Suddenly, the general refrain is we have enough stocks and we would get through this winter. 

Goldman Sachs, in a stunning U-turn, now says that Europe has “successfully solved” its gas shortage crisis and has plenty of reserve capacity! 

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is also upbeat stating Germany would “get through this winter” and be energy independent from Russia by 2023. 

Even financial minnows of EU, like Czech Republic is telling its parliamentarians that the country has sufficient energy supplies for the winter. 

While the European leaders are relying on their citizens’ naivety—or stupidity, if you may—the truth is energy infrastructure isn’t built in a day. It takes months, even years, to build pipelines, renewable sources and nuclear reactors. 

It’s not just this winter: But at least next two years when the Europeans would face untold hardships.

Meanwhile, the US is reportedly set to expand its gas exporting capacity as three new projects are underway. 

Tsipras says it as it is: “The US is not losing neither economically nor geostrategically.”

So this is the “Great Reset” of Klaus Schwab (look for him) and his World Economic Forum: To de-industrialize Europe for a “world government” run by the Hegemon. 

It was in 2016 when the Obama administration encouraged massive export of LNG out of his country’s huge shale gas production. The LNG terminals take a good five years to build and Poland and Hungary in the EU straightaway went for it. 

Now the next great act of this “energy deal”, at the behest of big money and banking, with politicians as tools, is being played out in front of us. 

It’s the European citizenry which alone can stop this madness: Provided they come out of the stupor and avoid the fate of a rodent in a warm tub, getting hotter by the second. 

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