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Bed of Arrows which still reminds us of Pitamah Bhisma and is now a temple

(This is fourth piece a long series on the epic Mahabharata, marking legends about the venue which exist to this day, timeless in glory and reverence. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd could be read here , here and here. )

Located in the midst of Narkatari Village, another all important place that bears a connection with the Kurukshetra War, is the place where Pitamaha Bhishma fell in the battle field riddled with arrows by Arjuna and viewed the battle thereafter.

Immediately after his defeat at the hands of Arjuna, as he lay on the bed of arrows that he felt extremely thirsty and requested Arjuna to bring Ganga to quench his thirst. It was then Arjuna shot an arrow exactly behind his head so that the flow can come out and straightway fall into his mouth. The place famously called The Ban Shaiya (Bed of Arrows) now has a temple exactly in the place where Pitamah Bhishma lay and the Kund (image below) is exactly behind in the form of a water tank called the Banganga or the Bhishma Kund.

The name of the Village Narkatari is also derived from the Kurukshetra War, where the Pandavas had cleaned & sharpened their Weapons at this Village. Hence the name Narkatari.

Narakatari = Sharpening of Weapons.

Surya Sarathi Roy is an Operations specialist with a passion of Indian history and Great Epics Ramayana & Mahabharata. He pursues technology to touch lives around him. He runs a blog which showcases India we don’t read in history books.

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