Monday, December 4, 2023

Climate Change fraud: Pay attention, Stupid!

It’s been nearly 150 years since Henry Louis Mencken was born (1880). An American journalist and satirist, he commented widely on contemporary movements. 

Mencken believed that the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (so that they seek safety) by scaring them with endless hobgoblins, all of them fictional. 

I know your mind is racing towards Covid-19 as one such fabricated example but do consider Climate Change as another which has been turned into a religion in last three decades. 

The credit for this science fiction goes entirely to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) under the United Nations. If it was a science, we would have heard more differing views. It’s only in religion where consensus is of essence and dissent is forbidden.

So we are frightened by the enormity of work undertaken by 751 authors from 66 countries, citing more than 14,000 references, over 78,000 comments from governments and experts which a preening IPCC informs us in its 6th report of over 2000 pages.  Yet,

  • They were harping, as way back in its third Assessment Report (2001), that global temperature would increase from 1 degree Celsius to 5.8 degree Celsius between 1990 and 2100.  

Yet in 2020, the trajectory was still 1 degree Celsius. 

  • We have been dumbed down into believing that humanity must cut down on its Co2 emission or it would cease to exist. 

But nobody tells us why when business was shut down during Covid-19, flights had stopped, travel had ceased and gasoline transport remained unused, lockdowns were universal, yet for that span of nearly 11 months, the Co2 level was still around 410 ppm. The world had actually fulfilled the Greta Thunberg program. Yet the Co2 levels didn’t budge even by a decimal margin. 

  • The other theory stuffed on our every open pore is the propaganda that the sea levels would rise to an extent that cities would submerge and millions would drown to death. 

Christian Gerondeau, a French author ceaselessly fighting against these climate alarmists says when he read that IPCC has predicted the sea level would rise by 2mm per year, he thought it was a typo. For 2mm per year is 2 cm in 10 years; 20 cm in a century. This phenomenon would be undetectable and without any consequence. For why, tides drop by 5 to 10 metres on an average!

The truth is man-made Co2 contributes less than 1% of all Co2 in the air (an Australian scientist puts it to 0.5% as man-made proportion). 

Most Co2 is released by the seas, due to varying water temperatures, caused of course by the activities of the sun. 

The seas both absorb and release Co2 —and that is to provide and conserve biodiversity. This is how Mother Earth balances life. 

This sea activity keeps varying: E.g, the El Niño cycle in the South Pacific was earlier between 9-12 years; its’ now about 4-7 years. 

Same happens in Atlantic El Niño: Together the Pacific and Atlantic El Niño account for over 50% of climate variability on earth. 

The truth is earth keeps changing her position vis-a-vis the sun. It’s a slow elliptical rotation. It’s sun’s activities which influences weather and climate on earth; as it influences the two El Niños of Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. 

Renewable Energy Fantasy

This is also a calculated fantasy spawned by the IPCC that by 2050, renewable energies could meet 80% of the world’s energy needs. 

Nothing of the sort would happen. Oil, coal and gas would be used until supplies are exhausted which won’t happen over the next century, if at all. Windmills as one of the alternatives is mischievous delusion. 

Thus, as can be seen, Climate Change has nothing to do with man-made Co2. 

Carbon is one of the keys to life: Variety of plants absorb it to release oxygen in the air. 

So why Climate Change phobia has been pushed down our throats?

First know a few famous “culprits” we know are behind most of humanity’s troubles: George Soros and his Open Society Foundation which finances Greta Thunberg; the likes of Ford and Rockefeller Foundations who are working towards a New World Order. 

(One of the authors of IPCC’s renewable energy nonsense  report is Dr Sven Teske, a member of Greenpeace where he officially coordinates on climate issues.)

This is the same New World Order which has been described as “The Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab:  The idea of a new world with a single government, and a few transnational corporations that control the world, its resources, and humanity. 

What if in the quest of reducing Co2 by cutting down on fossil fuels causes the death of millions by hunger?  

It would be by design, trust me. 

When have human lives mattered to these satanic globalists?

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