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Clintons, Amar Singh and civil nuke deal

In 2005, ex-US president Bill Clinton visited Kazakhstan along with a Canadian stock speculator, Frank Giustra. The latter has a shell company UrAsia Energy which virtually has no track record. This trip ended with the company being awarded major uranium mining concession by Kazakhstan’s dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev. Bill, and his wife Hillary, then a senator in the US, were obviously impressed. Bill endorsed Nazarbayev’s bid to head the Organization for Security and Cooperation Europe (OSCE). Hillary lifted her previous objection and endorsed the move.

Peter Schweizer, in his painstakingly researched new book “Clinton Cash,” goes on to state: “In the months that followed, Giustra gave the Clinton Foundation $31.3 million. It was the first of several large donations he would make as he (Giustra) went on to secure other lucrative national resources deals in development countries around the world…

“In December 2005, Nazarbayev won re-election with more than 90 percent of the vote. Bill sent him a note of congratulations. “Recognizing that your work has received an excellent grade is one of the most important rewards in life,” he wrote, “At the start of your new term as president, I would like to express confidence that you will continue to live up to the expectations of your people.” The Kazakh dictator was quick to release Clinton’s message to his people.

Schweizer documents dozens of such instances in Clinton’s disturbing dealings in Colombia, Haiti and India among other places. One such “quid pro quo” deal could be a coincidence. A series of them could only point towards a well-thought out strategy.

By their own admission, Clintons were “broke” at the turn of this century. In 2000, they owed millions of dollars in legal debt. Since then, they have earned over $2 billion dollars in what most would believe is through Bill’s public-speaking gigs. In 2012 alone, Bill received 105 million dollars as his speaking fees.

Writes Schweizer : “In his first eight years on the global lecture circuit, Bill had never been paid to speak in Nigeria. But once Hillary was appointed secretary of state, he booked two of his top three highest-paid speeches ever by travelling to Nigeria, pulling in a whopping $700,000 each.”

Schweizer also sees Clintons’ hands in India pulling off a civil nuclear deal through the US Congress while Hillary was US senator.

Clintons are said to be family friends of Sant Chatwal, a tall Sikh who is a New York-based entrepreneur and a political insider, and who is a big fundraiser for many of their political campaigns. In 2005, he is said to have set up a meeting of Clintons with Amar Singh, then a leader of Samajwadi Party based in Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state. Schweizer claims that in 2008, Amar Singh contributed between $1 to $5 million dollars to Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). There were several donations from other Indian industrialists.

After the Bush administration had signed a MOU with the then Indian PM Manmohan Singh’s government and allowed India access to nuclear technology, the US Congress appeared to have railed against the decision and there were genuine fears that the deal might have been stalled. Hillary, apparently against the deal, however changed her mind to approve the Indian nukes deal, according to Schweizer.  Last year, when the present Indian prime minister Narendra Modi visited US, he and the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj paid a visit to the Clintons. Clinton had told Modi : “Than you four undertaking cleaning of Ganga (river). IT’s a sacret project and smart approach.” The pictures of bonhomie between them were splashed across the media. Clintons lose no moment to declare their love for India.

Clintons have already admitted that more than $30 million dollars were raised by them from more than a thousand dollars that they never reported to authorities as required by law and their own vows of transparency.

The CGI annually delves into global issues offering American public policy solutions, bringing together 190 heads of states, many Nobel Prize laureates and countless CEOs, heads of foundations, NGOs, philanthropists and members of media. It’s different from the United Nations in the sense that it accepts gifts and donations from private companies, including multinationals. It accepts foreign donations including massive one from governments. There is also Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for the social development of girls and women.

Bill Clinton’s last day in presidential office on January 20, 2001 had ended in controversy. He had granted a presidential pardon to Marc Rich, an international commodities trader, hedge fund manager and financier. Rich had been indicted in the United States on federal charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis. He was in Switzerland at the time of the indictment and never returned to the United States.

In March 2015, it was learnt that Hillary Clinton permanently deleted all the emails on the private server she used to do official business as secretary of state. Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, chairman of the House committee investigating the attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, said Clinton’s lawer informed him of the news.”Secretary Clinton unilaterally decided to wipe her server clean and permanently delete all emails from her personal server,” Gowdy said in a statement.

Gowdy had also asked that Clinton turn over her server to the State Department inspector general for an independent review. Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, said no.

In his letter to Gowdy, Kendall said the former secretary of state “chose not to keep her non-record personal emails.” “Thus, there are no … e-mails from Secretary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state on the server for any review, even if such review were appropriate or legally authorized,” he wrote.

Gowdy said it wasn’t clear when Clinton erased the server, but it appears to have been wiped after October 2014, when the State Department asked Clinton to return her official emails to the department.Clinton did not have an official government email account, so her personal server was the primary repository for her emails during her time as secretary of state.

The enormous money raised would surely come handy for Hillary Clinton when she runs for US presidency in 2016. If she succeeds, Clintons would end up being in the Oval House for the third and even fourth terms. Hillary would then be US’ first woman commander-in-chief.

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