Thursday, May 30, 2024

Corona and all, Modi still remains nation’s hearthrob

The Covid-19 has hit the entire world and despite almost six months of a health emergency, the virus still remains unpredictable with no clarity on how long it will continue to disrupt what we considered a normal life. 

The year 2020 is full of one or other missteps that might have sunk other government; the Coronavirus pandemic has yet to hit a plateau, month February saw the ugly communal riots in Delhi; the economy suffered a nosedive and India and China haven’t stopped tugging each other’s collars. All this still hasn’t made a dent in the persona and popularity of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi who remains the prima donna of Indian political landscape.

While Brazil’s Prime Minister, Jair Bolsonaro tried to temporarily increase his popularity by processing cash transfers in the account of people amidst this chaos and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip used identity politics to distract people, Narendra Modi, took the other road and tried to do something which other fails to do. He seems to understand the relationship between a populist leader and voters in a different way.

Modi still holds the imagination of people. It has helped that the opposition has discredited itself. Then there is that extraordinary and commendable communication skills of the man.

He connects with his audience and that is the reason nobody tried to question Modi when he decided to withdraw 86% of India’s currency with just a few hours of notice.

The brave, stern, wise, and fatherly figure he has created has helped his supporters to create a convincing narrative around every decision.

PM Modi understands that even if the decision didn’t work out, it won’t matter because at least he dared to do something which is extremely big and has the interest of nation at heart.

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