Wednesday, October 4, 2023


African Union

Modi’s definitive foreign policy for 21st century

It’s likely that a few of the distinguished guests would be muttering under the breath; and media, that eternal witch, would be screeching at...

NATO must go: There are 6.7 billion reasons for it

The world doesn’t want NATO,  From its inception in April 1949, NATO been termed as a “defensive” alliance.  The Article 5 of its charter ask all...

There is more to India and China than two staring each other at borders

Too much is made of India-China standoff at borders and too little attention is paid to the two Asian neighbours putting shoulders together in...

Modi looks over his shoulder in Africa

(While Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes his moves in Africa, and NewsBred points out India’s growing influence in the region, it’s important to know that it’s...


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