Thursday, July 7, 2022


Black Lives Matter

There is no such thing as Right Wing in India: But Wokes won’t listen!

( Bhavesh Kansara and Aravindan Neelakandan are the kind of persons Indians should know a lot more about though the two prefer to be...

Aakar Patel gets abusive on judges of Supreme Court

Aakar Patel, once the head of Amnesty International India, has gone into an unprovoked rant against the Supreme Court of India.  Taking to his Twitter...

George Soros blamed for cheating Donald Trump of re-election as president

Rudy Giuliani was a national hero as mayor of New York city during the tragic 9/11 and he is now a villain to Western...

Stolen Elections in US: This is your best moment to know the strings which control you

Trump has sought legal intervention in Wisconsin and Michigan. By Wednesday noon, Indian Standard Time, I saw him comfortably winning these states. Only few...

US riots: Modi should watch out for a repeat post Covid-19

The riots in United States have spread across the nation. From Minneapolis to Dallas, Los Angeles to Atlanta, New York to Portland, 40 cities...

Hindus, remember this face: He is the biggest threat to your survival

Hindus of India—there is no other nation for them in the world—beware. George Soros, the face of evil, has come out in open against...


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