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Ma Sarada: Who, from wife became a mother of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

There is an old saying in Bengal’s spiritual hub of Dakshineswar and Belur. That it is home to two mothers. One is the much...

The “Kali” hurt for Hindus: Mahua and Leena are only the latest

The controversy over a poster of a documentary shot by a filmmaker in Canada showing Kali smoking a cigarette and walking on the streets...

India’s border woes: A legacy of Colonialism, geography and Pakistan

India is shouting from the rooftop it has made no transgressions across its eastern borders in neighbouring Nepal but it has made no difference...

Digvijay Singh is not the only “saffron terror” mongerer

It’s Digvijay Singh’s moment of truth on “saffron terror.” Sadhvi Pragya probably would make him pay for it in Bhopal. There are many though...

Being Hindu in an intolerant India

There are few books on Hinduism recently published, authored by practicing Hindus with modern, young, English speaking Hindus as their target audiences and which...

Durga Puja : Violent attacks on core Hindu belief

The worship of Shakti, the “Durga Puja”, has inspired principal Hindu resistance across ages. It has inspired Hindu women to military defend their cultural...


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