Indian-Americans think before you vote: This man set our Space programme back by decades

Ashish Shukla

15th October 2020
In the forthcoming US presidential elections, Democrat faces—Joe Biden and Kamala Harris—are oozing charm to woo the sizeable Indian Americans, 1.9 million...

If Kamala Harris becomes president, it would be an insult to US: Trump

Deepika Anjna

9th September 2020
If the US Democratic Vice president nominee Kamala Harris becomes the president then it would be "an insult" to the US, said US President Donald Trump.

Indian-Americans would vote for me come November 3: Donald Trump

Deepika Anjna

5th September 2020
US President Donald Trump thinks that Indian-Americans would vote in his favour on November 3 in the presidential elections.

The Indian-Americans who are adding muscle in Trump's 2020 campaign

Bhumika Arora

2nd September 2020
With less than 2 months to go, the 2020  presidential elections of the United States of America(USA) is beginning to peak in frenzy. American citizens, with people...

Trump’s words on Biden are a chilling reminder to India of dangers ahead

Ashish Shukla

22nd August 2020
Joe Biden didn’t speak about China in his address after accepting to be Democrat’s choice for presidential elections. President Donald Trump made sure nobody...

Hard as Kamala Harris might try, there is no hiding she’s Hinduphobic

Bhumika Arora

20th August 2020
When for the first time a woman of Indian lineage was nominated for vice-president’s post by Democrats, there was buzz among the Indians.

Kamala goes for another Indian to woo Desis in the United States

Bhumika Arora

19th August 2020
Kamala Harris, the Democrat’s vice-presidential candidate, has appointed Indian-American Sabrina Singh as her press secretary. Another stroke to win over...

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