Saturday, December 4, 2021



Soaring petrol prices: Why Indians need to stand with Modi at this hour

Nobody likes rising petrol prices. Me or you, nobody. You could go to town about how it could reduce consumption, increase use of solar...

UAE suspends new visas for Pakistan: There’s more to it than Covid-19 though

The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday temporarily suspended the issuance of new visas to visitors from Pakistan and 11 other countries until further notice.  The...

A remote warrior in India’s Ladakh has a plan to bring China to its knees

An interesting campaign by an intrepid Ladakhi has woven the issue of environment with China’s misdeeds and calls upon the world to act now. Sonam...

A geopolitical tsunami has hit Middle East: It’s music to Modi’s India

A geopolitical tsunami has hit Middle East and it has the potential to change the contours and politics of the region for decades. Israel and...

India won’t mind US out of Syria and Afghanistan

Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. For someone like United States which created terrorism in the 1990s that has destroyed the world–...


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