Thursday, July 25, 2024



Badal harping on Hindu-Sikh could allow Khalistanis to take over farmers’ protests

Sukhbir Singh Badal accusing BJP of pitting Hindus against Sikhs in Punjab or even “saying about our soldiers” tomorrow is not a mad man’s...

Can God Save India? With protests, scams, media dogging us at every step?

India is currently in the grip of all sorts of protests because of all sorts of scams. Indian media, not known for its prowess,...

Block roads, rails, ships, whatever: Indian farmers can’t be held to slavery anymore

(Veeresh Malik wraps up his series on Indian farmers—1st,2nd,3rd—with this 4th and final one. It’s a poignant piece which shames us—and those who held...

If you knew where did this 5 Quintal go, you would solve the riddle of outcry on farmers

My friend Veeresh Malik, who livens these pages with a life lived in real-situations, and who has lately been regaling us with his insightful...

Why our mainstream media is against Farm reforms? Blame it to their links to Kolkata

Why is your mainstream media so strongly against the Farm Bill 2020 in India, a friend who is also into agriculture abroad asked me, what can...


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