Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Muammar Gaddafi

Vile campaign to neutralize India in BRICS

India doesn’t deserve the vilification campaign presently rife.  Reports claim India has been a reluctant BRICS traveller; that it blocked Algeria’s entry at France’s request,...

Niger: Another war theatre between the West & Russia opens up

Niger probably is vague in your mind.  It’s in West Africa, has just undergone a coup, and is facing an invasion this Sunday from ECOWAS...

The Hegemon’s bluff in West Asia isn’t fooling New Delhi

The United States never had it as bad in West Asia since World War II as it is these days.  Syria was admitted this week...

If Modi was corrupt, why won’t he buy all 126 and not just 36 Rafale jets?

Rafale 2.0. Let’s look at the message and the messenger. The message is a case of corruption filed in France in this deal between the...

Why media gets away with murder? Let me draw your attention to these instances

Media can get away with murder.  Accountability is what you and I suffer everyday in our life. Our sacred books term it “Karma” but when...


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