Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Paresh Rawal

A movie for Middle Class who hope to escape the Trap

Every morning it is the same all over the National Capital Region - and probably in many other parts of India - a small...

How credible is India’s response to threat from the sky in J & K? Pretty thin at present

The two bombs dropped at Indian Air Force (IAF) Station, Satwari, apparently by use of drones, have created a new headache for the security...

The Hindu join hands with BBC: What’s your response?

If you were a Rajdeep Sardesai or Shekhar Gupta or Barkha Dutt, you would wish for a return of pre-2014 days.  You could write...

Abuses: Modi doubts if media would ever highlight it

Narendra Modi may have listed a few “showers of love” which Congress and its leaders have bestowed on him before and since he became...


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