Monday, December 5, 2022



There is little doubt US is inciting, funding and weaponising Ukraine: Russia

It is cause for “deep concern” that the US government is “openly boasting” that Ukraine’s battlefield successes were achieved with the Pentagon’s direct involvement, the Russian ambassador to...

Pelosi’s visit: The hegemon which has gone rogue

Those who used Pearl Harbour to drop atom bombs on Japan, are acting coy on what’s-the-big-deal if the old lady Nancy Pelosi has visited...

One week, one month? When and how would this 2nd phase in Ukraine end?

While there are not official confirmations (that I know of) from the Russian military, it appears that Lavrov is the first, and so far...

US biolabs in Ukraine and the conspiracy of silence

The United States has multiple biolabs in Ukraine.  It’s not a myth like the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) with Saddam Hussein.  We don’ have to...

Biden’s airstrike in Afghanistan is a murderous tantrum of a loser

In what can only be called a criminal and murderous tantrum by a loser, the United States, on the order of President Joe Biden,...

Pentagon had funded $39 million for research at Wuhan Institute: Covid-19 origins

The news on Covid-19 origins is getting dirtier. Readers would recall that NewsBred had published a piece stating that the lab-leak theory is gaining...


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