Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Pelosi’s visit: The hegemon which has gone rogue

Those who used Pearl Harbour to drop atom bombs on Japan, are acting coy on what’s-the-big-deal if the old lady Nancy Pelosi has visited Taiwan. 

President Joe Biden acknowledges the One-China principle of the United States and says the Pentagon too tried to persuade Pelosi against the visit though we know she went in a military aircraft escorted by war jets under the command of US military defense. 

The US State Department, and its Media in cahoots, flood us with news that the Chinese jets have crossed the Taiwan Straits in what essentially they say is Taipei’s waters—but they won’t tell why it’s a violation if Taiwan is nothing but a part of China. And why the US Navy Destroyer in those very waters is not a violation!!!

By its provocations, the US is hoping to drag China into a military operation—like it did with Russia on Ukraine—which would put its economy in downturn and lead Beijing astray from its avowed goal of growth. And possibly cause a regime change. 

The QUAD nations, more so Japan and Australia, are kicking their hind legs like dogs do to kick up the grass, ready to enmesh China in Indo-Pacific and do all it could to extend the closing days of US hegemony. 

There is a consensus among US policymakers that if Beijing can’t be stopped by 2030, the Unipolar world could only be found in history books. 

Clearly the time is running out. 

Washington hopes that Pelosi’s visit would lead to Beijing’s sanctions on Taipei—it makes up 49.04% of Taiwan exports and 23.8% of imports—which would lead the island to declare its independence from the mainland; followed by China’s invasion on the renegade which would usher in multiple US sanctions against China. 

The US calculation is that an economic downturn is best bet to contain China’s rise and draw down its hold on the allies who till yesterday were dancing to Uncle Sam’s tune. 

Take Africa for example. Despite the lies of shameless Western media, China has never failed to renegotiate, restructure or refinance in case of defaults on its debts. It has only offered debt write-offs or zero-interest loans. And why Africa, this is true of Iraq and Sri Lanka too despite the tonnes of lies on the subject. 

It’s all documented: Between 2000 and 2019, China has cancelled at least US$3.4 billion of debt in Africa. It refinanced or restructured US$15 billion debt in the same period. There were no “asset seizures”. It never went to court to enforce the contract or applied penalty interest rates. 

But that’s not what the US’ agents—our IMFs and World Banks—do. They don’t cede an inch when payments dates are missed. Take below for example: 

Ukraine was amongst the richest countries in Eastern Europe during the Soviet days. It was called the “breadbasket of Europe.” Look for the GDP graph of Ukraine before 1991 (but you won’t find the data for the sham Western media and academia can’t afford to shine light on the USSR). Once independent, between 1991-1997, Ukraine lost 60% of its GDP and suffered five-digit inflation rates. Not much to guess here the cause: It was beholden to IMF in this period. 

It’s logical for readers to ask why Taiwan is playing the US game and walking into the gallows with eyes open. 

Well for that you’d have to catch up on its Sunflower Movement which happened around the same time the West was busy with its machinations on “Occupy Hong Kong” and “Maidan revolution” in Kiev, Ukraine in 2014. 

The engine for the Sunflower Movement was the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy which is directly connected to the  infamous National Endowment for Democracy (NED), engineering mass protests towards regime-changes around the globe, more recently in Sri Lanka. 

Two years later, in 2016, Tsai Ing-Wen became Taiwan’s president and if you see an image of Zelenskyy in her as a stooge of West, it’s only natural. And for proof just look at the handful of countries which recognize Taiwan and most are essentially stooges of the US (and oh yes, Vatican too recognises Taiwan).

It’s typical of West to say what’s-there-in-a-visit and brand China as an intolerant, tyrannical regime, never mind China has let Taipei be how it governs itself all these years. (It’s equivalent to Pakistan’s assembly speaker visiting Andaman and Nicobar islands without an invitation. And India’s protests being termed in Western parliaments and Congress as yet another Intolerant-Modi moment.)

Pelosi’s visit is simply a violation of a country’s sovereignty and integrity and against international laws.
Washington has no security pact with Taipei to camouflage itself as its guardian. 

The brainwashed masses of West can’t see their governments are leading humanity to doom. 

Pelosi’s visit would be spun into a story of courage, a defiance in defence of democracy. 

This drugged humanity can’t deduce what’s so democratic in supporting repressive regimes in Middle East; and how human rights were served in the horrors of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. 

Or ask how did it serve democracy when the US left millions of Afghanis to their fate one fine day. 

Or the fire it lights around the countries it encircles—look at your Baltics, Poland and Ukraine around Russia and Afghanistan-Hong Kong-Kazakhstan-Taiwan around China to go with QUAD’s manoeuvrings and hundreds of military bases. 

The masses alone can check the monsters who rule them or we all, and our children, would either die in battlefields or out of hunger. 

Or what do you think all these thousands of nukeheads are gonna do? 

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